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Ways To Use WhatsApp For Your Business

WhatsApp is an outstanding social messaging service, and it is arguably fastest-developing communication application of the world. In India, it is famous compare to Facebook and also now our maids are active on WhatsApp. Already, it has changed habit of SMS and fast becoming our major communication mode.

Today, many businessmen are thinking, can we use WhatsApp for Business? Here we are sharing some creative methods to employ WhatsApp in your business..

WhatsApp For In-house Communication

At any time we tried to apply any new system for in-house communication, we got conflict from the workers. People are hesitant to ‘understand’ new things. Most effective thing regarding WhatsApp is that today everyone utilizing it and it doesn’t need any training for join whatsapp community. One more benefit is, I do not want to overtly request the team to check their WhatsApp messages sent by me.

WhatsApp For Client Communication

In case you are doing your followups by create whatsapp group in its place of direct telephonic calls, you would get more reaction. No one welcomes calls from nameless numbers but we are possible to respond to WhatsApp messages. When we are start utilizing find whatsapp groups for customer communication, we observed better engagement and response.

It even offers the opportunity to be somewhat informal. Like, you have sent a quote to your prospective client but have not heard from him, what will you do? Either, you call him or you can send a followup email through formal words. In its place of performing this, if you only send a WhatsApp message asking regarding the status, you may get a fast response.

WhatsApp For Client Support

When you search whatsapp group then it can be a wonderful tool for client support as of its broader reach. Your clients would always wish to send you a message through WhatsApp except raising a ticket or calling a helpdesk number.

On the other hand, providing client support through WhatsApp cannot be a wonderful choice for different types of businesses. If you are planning to sell on whatsapp, then you must be aware about client support. You must be very responsive about your client service. There are different tools available online that you can use to make happy your clients. You can also use WhatsApp messaging as a client support service.


WhatsApp For Promotion & Marketing

Today, you can see there are different people that are creating groups and adding members to promote their business. It is really a wonderful way to advertise your services or products. You must understand that whatsapp is an effective and wonderful platform for direct client communication without disturbing them through irritating phone calls.

You can use the services of WhatsApp and you can send audio files, send images, and send short size video clips of your services or products. You can also send text to users in the whole world. Not like Email or SMS, there is less limitation on the format as well as chances of delivery are very higher. It does not mean that you must spam your clients with WhatsApp messages. 

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