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Washing machine is not pumping - causes and solutions:

The importance of the washing machine is only obvious to most when the household helper is no longer working properly. Especially when a long washing day is on the program again and you want to wash several loads of laundry in a row, the machine may refuse to serve after the third wash and stops.

A typical scenario when pumping stops working. But if the water from the drum is no longer pumped out, the spin is no longer possible and also can not open the door or only with the risk of leaking water. But no reason to panic, because there are several causes that you can fix yourself with a little skill and thus save yourself the money for a technician and repair service. At liox cleaners, in our guide on 'washing machine does not pump off, we will show you the most common causes and solutions.

Washing machine does not pump: Check the power supply:

When the washing machine is not pumping, most are at first in a puzzling position in front of the machine. Now it is time to commit to troubleshooting. It starts with the power supply of your washing machine. Check therefore whether the device is supplied with power. Is the washing machine switched on at all? Are the lights or the display lit?

In both cases, if the answer is yes, you should take a look inside the fuse box. In many households, the washing machine is not separately secured. So if the fuse has jumped out by switching on or a short circuit of another device, the power supply of the washing machine is prevented. Activate the backup.

A tip given by liox cleaners: If the machine gets power but still does not pump, it is time to continue troubleshooting. Here, especially the drain hose and the lint filter are in focus.

A washing machine is not pumping: what to do?

The following is an overview of the most common causes of why your washing machine is no longer pumping. At the same time, we will introduce you to solutions.

Lint filter / pump is clogged:

The main reason why your washing machine is broken and no longer pumped out is to be found in a clogged water drain. This can be caused by a broken button or a coin alone. Even if a laundry between the drum and tub slips, it can lead to clogging of the drain cuff, which in turn prevents pumping.


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