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Washing Leather Costume - That's how you can do it:

Every year, party-goers traditionally dressed in traditional costumes set out on their way. Stains on the costumes are often not enough. And it is very tough to remove stains from such costumes, but here are the tips offered by laundry on-demand service will be helpful to you.

First Aid: Remove leather pants from coarse dirt:

As with the cleaning of other garments, leather trousers sometimes require some preparation before the actual laundry. Superficial dirt on smooth and dark leather surfaces is best wiped gently with a damp cloth. But make sure that you do not work the dirt particles deeper into the leather with your wiping movements.

Tip: Light leather is especially sensitive. Not infrequently causes the cleaning test stains. If you want to be on the safe side, you should rather have lighter leather pants professionally cleaned.

Leather Costume does not belong in the washing machine:

To protect the material and fit, leather pants should always be washed only when they lose their suppleness because of the dirt. The best option is to use a laundry on demand service. Even if, for example, trousers made of cowhide can in principle tolerate a wash cycle in the washing machine, it is not recommended to wash the machine at home because of the risk of discoloration.

However, sensitive deerskin should never be washed in the washing machine as it will be overstressed in the washing machine and may even rupture under certain circumstances.

For this reason, leather pants should be washed by hand best. Many a traditional connoisseur even recommends the use of rainwater for the use of tap water, as the calcareous tap water attacks the leather too much.

In addition to so-called suitable for cleaning leather pants in particular Gall soap, which is applied to protect the material with a soft sponge. To prevent the development of color differences, you should always wash the entire leather pants - so even edit places that are not dirty, even if it takes more time. Otherwise, you will make the spot image worse instead of improving it.

When drying, high temperatures should be avoided:

Because leather should not be exposed to high temperatures and therefore generally does not belong in the dryer, it can easily take a few days until wet-cleaned pants are completely dried.

So that the leather pants do not warp during drying, you can spread the wet pants on a towel to dry and it is best not to hang them up. To speed up the drying process and prevent the leather from stiffening, you should also regularly turn your leather pants over and over again to pull them into the correct shape.

If you want to keep your costume last longer, the best option is to use laundry on demand service.


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