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Vivid Description of Jesus in Islam

Islam pays utmost respect and honor to the entire prophets that are mentioned in the Quran. It is said and firmly believed among Muslims that Allah sent prophets time to time to guide the mankind and follow the righteous path. In Quran, we get a clear picture of the prophets and their role in different era to protect the mankind and teach them the right path. A lot of Prophets are mentioned in the Quran and some of the most influential and important prophets are Musa, Ibrahim, Nooh Ale Salam, Yusuf, Adam, Ismail, Ishaq, Yaqub Haran, Hud , Suleiman , Isa or Jesus and many more. Jesus or Isa Alle Salam in Islam is a major and most important prophet that Quran speaks a lot. A vivid description about jesus in islam has been mentioned. Muslims throughout the world believes in Jesus or Isa Alle salam and honors to the deepest level. Muslims consider Jesus one of the greatest messengers of Allah that has been sent to earth with a holy purpose to save mankind. Jesus was the prophet who narrated the coming of our biggest prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him). Jesus foretold that a Messenger will come in earth that will play bigger role and guide the mankind. Muslims believes that Jesus was miraculously born and marry is a virgin.

No other religion in the world respect and honor Jesus as Islam does. The quran says briefly about Jesus and his mother Virgin Mary or Hazrat Maryam who is considered the most pure woman. Both Quran and Bible have similarities regarding Jesus. Quran Says Jesus was born from a virgin mother who never had any sexual relation with anyone. Jesus was born without any male intervention. The same thing has been mentioned in Bible. Both Muslims and Christians believe that Jesus started talking while he was still in the cradles which are simply not possible by normal human being. Apart from this both the Islam and Christian doctrines hold that Jesus was bestowed with the angelic power to give life to dead people. But, in spite of clear similarities between both the religions about Jesus, there are striking differences such as Christians believes that Jesus is the son of God which Muslims clearly denies as it is no where mentioned in the Quran that Jesus is the son of god. Jesus was only a messenger of Allah who performed great miracles as per the will and order of the Allah. Christians believes that Jesus was crucified on the cross which is just contradictory to the Islamic doctrines. Islam say that Jesus was not killed neither crucified. Allah lifted him to the heaven and he will again come down to earth at a time when mankind will be at the verge of destruction. He will come down on the day of Friday at Syria and start his purpose that is saving the mankind from satanic activities and enemies of Salam.

Mohammad The last Messenger stresses bigger importance on the prophet Jesus by narrating in several important Hadith that whoever believes in Allah and Muhammad should also believe with due respect to the prophet Jesus.


jesus in islam

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