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Use The Right CCTV Cable To Build A Robust Security system

Every wired electrical device requires quality wires for functioning to its optimal efficiency. The wires carry the electric signal from the source to the device and also connect it to other devices. If the devices are security devices then their importance increases manifold. The CCTV or the Close-Circuit TV devices utilize top quality wires for connection. Let’s have a brief look at the most used CCTV cable types.

The Co-axial Wires

The co-axial wire or coax is an electric wire that has an inner conductor enclosed by flexible insulating wire braids. The outer wire materials provide a shield against the electromagnetic interference (EMI). The entire structure is held captive solidly by PVC jacket. Many varieties of co-axial wires are available in the market. You need to select them according to your usage, otherwise, you will end up with a wrong set of wires.

The main features are their excellent durability and versatility. No other security wires can give them competition in terms of lifespan. Their tough structure allows them to transfer signals to a wide area without any loss of signal quality due to the presence of the insulating material surrounding the actual wire.

Siamese Wires

They are actually two co-axial wires that are fused together. The two combined wires transmit video signals from one wire and power connection from the other. These wires are extremely versatile because of the transfer of power without any interference with the transfer of video. The fact that the power and video transfers are simplified, it greatly improves the installation and maintenance of the security system, thus saving you money in the grand scheme of things.

Twisted-Pair Wires

Twisted-pair wires are formed by twisting a pair of wires together. They contain four pairs of wire in the configuration. They require a special type of adaptor or connector for connecting it to other types of devices. The Category 5 or Cat 5 is the most used twisted-pair wires in the industry. They are normally sued to connect cameras and other network devices i.e. they are ideal in an IP security system configuration.

Optical Fiber

The optical fiber is a medium to transfer data in high-speed light pulses by using glass or plastic strand. They are known for their amazing transmission speed with extreme efficiency. Since they have tough structures and proven efficiency, they are ideally used for long-distance transmission. The only downside to them is their laborious installation and maintenance.

The choices are plenty, consult with a network and security expert before utilizing any of the CCTV Cable for Camera from the above-mentioned wires for building a perfect security system. The choice of wire can go a long way in creating a fully efficient and robust security system with advanced features.


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