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Uniform Manufacturer in Mumbai | Shalimar Hosiery

Just as schools care about the students’ education, they should care about the students’ uniforms too. The comfort of a child matters and using a line of comfortable and quality fabrics shows that the school cares. The hosiery material is a new and innovative way of making kids’ uniforms look smart yet comfortable and easy to manage especially when it comes to the material and quality of the fabric.

One bend to tie your shoelaces and that perfect ironed crease could disappear in a matter of seconds. All the hard work of ironing, now just a “crushed” memory. The kid’s school uniform is a reflection of the importance the parents give to their children, in most cases.
Do you remember what it felt like to wear your uniform proudly? Or were you the kid that didn’t pay attention to that sort of thing?

Now imagine that school children had a uniform that was comfortable, breathable, and made out of all knitted fabrics which are wrinkle-free. That seems like something only one can imagine but the Shalimar Hosiery Industry has made this imagination a reality! With comfortable fabric that fits to the stretch, uniforms are no more pain but rather a delight for the school children. With Knitwear uniforms, schools make the comfort of the children a priority and the wrinkle-free material is a further bonus. With the summers creeping upon us, the uniform fabric is the only thing to keep the children from not feeling uncomfortable and sweaty.

Knitwear uniforms fabrics are the best and many schools are already taking the steps to change the quality of the uniforms. It’s low maintenance for the children, it’s smart, easily washable, wrinkle-free, and most of all, the children will want to wear the uniform happily!
Stand back and be proud of your school’s uniform and the comfort it brings along. Let them wear it smartly and represent you in all they do.

Shalimar is one of the uniform manufacturer in Mumbai

Shalimar Hosiery Industries is one of the leading uniform manufacturer in Mumbai. Whether in Mumbai or anywhere across India, we are consistently striving towards making uniforms with precision. We started by supplying kids wear to Mumbai’s upmarket store and now we are defining the trends in school uniforms across the nation. Our journey started in 1960 when we opened a small store manufacturing workshop in Kurla, Mumbai with the brand name “Shalimar” comprising only 5 staff members and 2 machines. 60 years down the line, we are proud to announce that our team comprises of 200 staff members, 2 vertical setup of manufacturing units and about 100+ modern machinery and equipments sourced from Taiwan. Presently, we produce about 3000+ garment units per day. We are a leading uniform supplier in India. Our latest addition to our collection is a set of 12 circular knitting machines producing Single Jersey , Interlock and Pique, Cotton Lyrca and dry fit fabrics with different blends of yarn. This has expanded our production capacity to 2000kgs of raw fabric per day. We are extremely proud of the goodwill we have created over the years. We have come a long way in this journey, from Shalimar Wear to Shalimar Hosiery Industries and yet we believe we have just started out!


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