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Understanding a Few Indian Traditions on Your Vacation

If you are lucky to travel to India during the festive season, possibly around Diwali, you will see the best side of the country. Many Indian traditions are followed during festivals, which are otherwise amiss during regular months. Let us know about a few cultural things that the Indians love to follow, and the foreigners must know.


Fasting on various occasions is highly common in India, but the fast of karwa-chauth is the king of all fasts. Every married woman waits for this day when she can keep a fast for the long life of her husband. Women wake up around 4 am, have a traditional breakfast, and then they do not eat or drink anything throughout the day. It is really tough to stay away from even water all through the day until the moon comes up in the sky. Women, see the moon through a sieve, and then using the same sieve, they take a look at their husband’s face. The husband offers a glass of water to his wife, which she drinks from his hands to complete breaking her fast. This is a romantic night for every couple in India as it celebrates the bond of husband and wife in the Indian families.

Cleaning the house before Diwali  

Diwali is the most significant festival of India and Indians have ways to make this festival special. Although it is habitual for people to keep their houses clean, sweeping the house during Diwali goes many notches higher. People are supposed to clean every nook and corner of their house, and get rid of unwanted and old things that they do not use. They may donate the stuff to the underprivileged people, or if the things are not suitable for anyone’s use, they would just throw them. Depending on their budget, people get their house painted, they decorate it with vibrant lights, mud diyas, streamers, and flowers. On the Diwali day, people decorate the entrance of the house with colored powders, which is called Rangoli.

Eating with hands

Eating with the right hand is the traditional thing in India, which invokes curiosity in the westerners the most. Indian foods are cooked with a liberal amount of flavors and spices, which makes the cuisines just so delicious. You can see an Indian dipping the chapati in the curry or dry-cooked vegetables, fold some curry in the bite, and put it in the mouth. It may be mind-boggling for some people to learn eating this way, but rather than feeling disgusted, Indians respect their culture and never mind using their hands for eating. If you need a spoon to eat curry, you may comfortably use it. However, a knife and a fork is used only to eat western and continental dishes in India. The important thing here to note is that you must wash your hands before and after the meal to stay hygienic.

The Indian clothes 

Unlike the West, Indians like to wear vibrant colors even in the western dresses. The subtle colors such as grey and beige are reserved only for formal clothing. When it comes to casual clothing, men and women both like to wear vivacious colors. No matter the place you visit in India, you can hire cheap car rentals and witness the beauty of India. You will see girls dressed in kurtis, sarees, skirts, tops, and long gowns in all shapes and designs depending on the city they live. Men usually wear pant, shirt, T-shirt, and jeans in their regular life, but they love to adorn themselves in kurta-pajama and shervani during weddings. Witnessing the traditional attire on people is just a mesmerizing sight in India.



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