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Tyre Safety And Maintenance

Maintaining your vehicle is necessary to keep it in good shape and condition. If the vehicle tyre’s are maintained then you will enjoy a safe and comfortable ride. Maintaining tyre is not a difficult job. Some useful tips are mentioned below on how to maintain your vehicle tyres:

• Alignment

• Rotation

• Vibration

• Air Pressure

• Balancing


A proper and regular rotation increases the life of a vehicle tyre. It saves a lot of your money and time. All vehicle experts recommend that tyres should be rotated at an average of 6-8k miles. However, a mishap can happen anytime and hence it is important to keep a Tyre changer in your tool kit. It helps to complete the tedious job of changing the tyre quite easily.

Wheel Changer Wheel Changer Automotive Equipments


Alignment of your vehicle’s tyres gives you the comfort of a safe journey. Hence keeping tyres alignment in order is a must. If you sense a problem with the alignment you should get your alignment checked with the help of Workshop press.


If you face some sort of vibration while driving means it’s time that your alignment needs serious attention. In such cases, the steering system and tyres suspension should be checked without any delay. It shouldn’t be ignored as it can be dangerous.

Air Pressure

In tyre care, this is arguably the major cause of concern. Almost all vehicle manufacturers manual has this issue information in their manual. You can also find this information on the sticker located in the vehicle’s doorjamb.


Balancing means the weight of the tire and wheel after the tire is applied on wheels. Balancing should be checked regularly or in case you sense that one area is lighter or heavier than the other. This is indeed the prime reason for treadwear and vibration and tread wear.

These are some of the common cause there are other causes as well which can lead to tyre safety. The most important of them is your driving habits. Life of a tyre majorly depends on the way you drive. In a country like Australia where everyone is in hurry, it is sometimes difficult to remember about tyre maintenance.

There are a lot of manufacturers and suppliers of tire changers and other types of equipment in Australia. The one which holds enough experience and has a long list of satisfied customers is InterEquip. You can compare the prices and quality that they offer. You will find that they are the best in the business and there’s no one who is even closer to them. You can yourself purchase an Oil Drainer, Workshop Press, and Other Equipment and create a workshop of your own to maintain your vehicles.

You will get the best in class types of equipment only at InterEquip. Not just in terms of price but in terms of quality as well they import the best equipment which is user-friendly and reasonable at the same time. When it comes to the safety of yourself and your family one should never take a chance. To take good care of your vehicle is ultimately your own duty. All you need to do is get the best pieces of equipment and during your leisure time have a look at the condition of your vehicle once a week.



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