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Types of Halloween costumes

October 31st is considered to be Halloween, in which people wear weird, scary or unusual costumes and celebrate the day partying with friends and family. The Halloween costumes are what the day is all about. Each one looks forward to wearing a costume that would that would represent an angel, a monster, demons, ghosts, animals, cartoon characters, etc. The festival is for people of every age, so there are different categories in which the costumes have been divided and the most common 5 types of Halloween costumes are as follows -
Barbie Dress: 
The costume is usually for girls from the age of 3 to 15. Looking cute on Halloween wouldn’t suit as much on ladies of any other age. You can also make yourself, your little daughter or sister, a Halloween Barbie costume. Wear everything pink; a pink polo or a flirty skirt on matching leggings. Carry a classy purse, put on your high heels, fill your face with makeup, lipstick and eye work while coloring your hair blond yellow or some other color, and there you are, dressed in a perfect Barbie Halloween costume.
Disney and Child Stars Costumes: 
Disney Halloween costumes are best for kids but adults can wear them too. How often do adults get to be Cinderella, Rapunzel, Mickey or Minnie? Reverting back to your childhood days could be fun. The witches, dwarfs, and everything about Disney world is wonderful and there is no better time than Halloween to be a part of that world. If you’re a fan of fairy tales and movies like “Harry Potter” and “The Lord of the Rings” enjoy being the wizard and hobbit for a day wearing the costumes that represent them.
Cartoon Hero Costumes: 
We all love Superman, Ironman, Flash, and most of all Spiderman, don’t we? Heroes like Captain America and Thor have been gaining popularity after the latest movie, “Avengers” and some more were out. Halloween is the time you can be those superheroes. You can get costumes of your favorite comic star, and at the same time your friend can be the villain and you can have the actions and fun that you read in your favorite comic books. And for women, Catwoman, Lady Death, Batgirl and others if you’d like a new costume this Halloween.
Animals, Birds and Vegetables Costumes: 
Would like to be a banana, a crow, or a pumpkin this Halloween? Because there are many such costumes you can try on for something different. And why leave your little pet behind. Dress your dog, cat or money with the same kind of costumes. Animals, birds and vegetable costumes look really nice kids, pets and elderly people. Halloween costumes of rare species also spread awareness among people apart from being fun to wear.
Ghosts and Demons: 
Ghosts and demon costumes are the actual traditional Halloween costumes. As most people find the costume scary but like to enjoy the festival, Halloween gradually began to include the above modern Halloween costumes. Costumes that represent Vampires, Zombies, Scary witches, wolves, ghosts and demons come under this category of costumes. These costumes might be fun but chances are you can give people a heart attack if you’re not cautious with how you behave while you’re in them.


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