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Trekking in Manali: 5 Treks to Challenge Your Nerves

Manali, known for its best adventure expeditions around India, is the heart of trekkers. Its exceptional beauty and quaint villages are the reasons why the place encounters thousands of tourists every year. Other than the picturesque views and delighting atmosphere, the city has much more to offer. It doesn't matter if you are an adventure lover or nature fanatic, Manali will never let you down. Come across the breathtaking panoramas of nature and water gushing down the valleys and witness what heaven looks like. Include these top five trekking sites in your Kullu Manali trekking tours and challenge your nerves. The trekking sites are as follows:

1.Lama Dugh Trek

Located at an altitude of 9,900 feet, Lama Dugh Trek is one of the simplest treks to cover in Manali. More of a relaxing walk towards the thick alpine surroundings, the place is an ideal option for trekking in Manali. Start your trek from Dhungri region and end it at Lama Dugh, witnessing the dense forest region with no water points. Make sure you are well-equipped and carry sufficient water throughout your trekking.

2.Jogini Waterfalls Trek

Experience the best of your trekking excursions with Jogini Waterfalls Trek. Stretching over 3km and situated at an elevation of 6,700 feet, Jogini Waterfalls Trek is known for its exhilarating beauty and the sprinkling water. Start your trek from Vashisht Temple and pass the trekking trails followed by tall pine trees, apple orchids, and small water streams. Perfect for photography, the place looks even more exhilarating in the afternoon when sunlight passes through the water droplets.

3.Hamya Herbal Trek

Start your quest to find the best Himalayan herbs at Hamya herbal trek. Situated at the maximum elevation of 14,000 feet the place is an enchanting beauty and a home to all the nature lovers. Start your journey from Manali and end it at Pandu Ropa. Explore the huge Himalayan terrain and grasp knowledge about different medicinal herbs found in the region. The place is the perfect stop for all the travelers seeking adventure and knowledge at the same time.

4.Hampta Pass Trek

Settled at an altitude of 10,000 feet, Hampta Pass trek falls under Pir Panjal range and ends at Chatru. Traverse the best of Pir Panjal at Hampta Pass Trek and relish the exciting trails that will leave you spellbound. With its thrilling panoramas, the place charms every passerby. The ideal duration to cover the trek is four days and starts at Manali. The trek connects Kullu and Lahaul valleys and is one of the most delightful and picturesque treks in Manali.

5.Deo Tibba Trek

Paradise to photographers, Deo Tibba trek lying in the Khanol region stands at an elevation of 14,700 feet. It takes six long days to cover this picturesque beauty of nature. Known for its scenic treks, Deo Tibba is one of the main attraction points in the traveller’s checklist. Lying in the Himalayan region, Deo Tibba trek is not easy to cover but is certainly one of the beautiful spots for trekking in Manali Surrounded by the lush green meadows and alpine forest the place is total bliss.

Author’s Bio: The author states top five spots for trekking in Manali to challenge the nerves of the traveller and what makes these sites a must visit during your Kullu Manali trekking tours.


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Manali is best known for its adventurous trekking tours and the picturesque beauty that draws the attention of the tourists from around the nation.

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