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Traits of a Great Tour Guide and How to Find One

When you have a lot to see in a new city, it is good to hire a local guide who can show you around. Some people think that hiring a local guide is a waste of money, which may be true in many cases. However, culturally rich places like Udaipur, Jaipur, Chennai, and Surat in India have a lot to tell. The history of these places is best heard from someone who has spent his or her life in the city. You may read about the place from the internet, but online reading is a notch lower than hearing it live from a native person. But how do you recognize that your guide is a great source of knowledge and is the right person for your vacation? Give a quick reading to find out the best guide for your next holiday.


When you meet a travel guide, he will introduce himself to you, but a great guide will ask for your introduction as well. He will maintain the interaction with everyone so that no one gets bored. It is his job to please his guests, so don’t feel offensive if the guide asks you a few questions without getting too intrusive.

Showing places

The tour guides know that they are getting money to take you to famous tourist destination. However, a brilliant guide will tell you about the worth of visiting a place. If a site is too crowded, he will advise you to adjust your timings. He will also tell you about not-so-famous places where you might enjoy. He will never take you to the restaurants and shops that offer him a commission for bringing guests. On the other hand, he will suggest you the best eateries and shops in town. 

Time management

Many people like to stick to their schedule and want to visit every place in the itinerary, but a few people like to enjoy at every place they visit even if it means missing out on a few. A great tour guide will never rush you to just touch every location without experiencing it completely; he will let you have your time and explain the history without chewing out the major details.


A gifted tour guide is rare to find, but when you find one, you will fall in love with his narration of history and facts. He will tell you from his memory about the times gone by rather than reading from a script. He will intertwine his personal stories, the best and ugly faces of the place, and how it is to live there. He will tell you about the life of the locals, and the upsides and downsides of living in a tourist place.

Tips please

It is always good to tip a tour guide, but a great guide will never push you to do it. However, with your personal experience with a passionate guide, you will want to part with some money. A guide may have Self-Drive Cars for the guests in many urban cities, so it makes sense to give some extra money for the efforts and expenses involved.

Hiring a great tour guide is worth the money when the person makes your vacation memorable. With the stories and myths he tells you about a place, you may not remember everything, but the time will be etched in your mind. When you visit a culturally opulent destination anywhere in the world, make sure that you contribute to the society of the locals by adding some worth to their life. Just a little money from your side goes a long way in making someone’s day.



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