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Toilets and Wash area Vastu in North Facing House

As per Vastu Shastra, none of the direction is good or bad for constructing a house. However, Vastu gives the highest importance to the position and direction of the main door or entrance door. Vastu explains the position and direction of the rooms, staircase, kitchen, and bathroom and Worship area with respect to the direction of the house. So, all these collectively make a property auspicious or inauspicious for the house owner. It is very important to decide the right directions before building a structure of the house. It is very important to choose right Vastu Consultant.

North facing property is the first choice of a Business owner. As per to Hindu mythology North Direction is believed to be ruled by Lord Kuber. Therefore, such property attracts a lot of abundance in wealth to the house owner or tenant and therefore elevates material prosperity.

The entrance door of North Facing House

If you are a business owner and are fortunate enough to buy a property which is north facing, give high importance to the position of the entrance door. Out of nine Vastu Padas of North direction, entrance door should be at the fifth Pada. This is the best position for a Simhadwaram or Main Entrance.

Master Bed Room of North Facing House

The master bedroom of the north facing house should be constructed in the South West corner of the house. The room size should be bigger than the other rooms in the house. The main financial contributor or the eldest person of the house should stay in this room.

Locker position in North Facing House

In the South direction of the Master Bedroom, a Locker room or Locker Almirah should be constructed. The room or Almirah should face North direction of the room. Placing the locker in the North East corner causes loss of wealth. South East and North West corners also lead to an increase in expenses.

Though there is a trend nowadays to make a single door entrance, the double door is considered more auspicious. The Locker Almirah or the locker room should have a double door. A locker should not be placed under a beam. It should not stick to the wall or embedded into the wall. Rather, it should be placed about one inch away from the wall.

Kitchen in North Facing House

The kitchen of the north facing house should be constructed in the South East or North West direction of the house. While cooking, you must face East direction in case of South East facing the kitchen. Similarly, you should face West direction in North West facing the kitchen.

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Vastu enforces the scientific architecture of a home or building for business purposes to balance the energy flows for the enhancement of living culture and growth of the business. Vastu play very important role in our life.

As per Vastu Shastra, the position and direction of Bathrooms and toilets are major reasons behind unhealthy conditions and financial troubles. In a north facing the house, the east and west corners are best for constructing a bathroom. The sun rays disinfect the bathroom, so a proper window should be there. The slope of the floor should drain the water to the northeast side of the bathroom.

Construct toilets in North West or West directions. However, avoid constructing a toilet in the East, North East or at the center of the house. The toilet seat should be positioned such that the face of the person sitting is towards the North or the South direction.

Position of the septic tank

Position of the septic tank should be the North West corner of the house. Whereas, positioning it in North, East, North East, South East or South West corners should be avoided. Construct a tank such that it rises above the floor level.

Staircase of the septic tank

The staircase of a North facing house should be in the East, South, West or North West corner. However, one should avoid constructing it in the North East corner as these causes to loss of wealth and bankruptcy for the owner.

Avoid constructing toilet or room under the staircase. However, utilize this space well for storage of food grains. The turning of the staircase should be in the clockwise direction and the total count of steps should be an odd number.

This blog explains the rules and guidelines for north facing the house and things which can be avoided. So you should simply follow these best strategies during the construction of north facing home. It is not just buying a North facing property that makes things auspicious for you. You need to focus on its construction and make every bit of it, auspicious for you.

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