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Tips to Picking a Surfing Wetsuit and Surf Lessons in Huntington Beach

When it comes to surfing in California, getting your first wetsuit is more important than getting your first surfboard. A surfboard can be rented or borrowed but it’s better to have your own wetsuit.

Here are a few tips to picking a surfing wetsuit for yourself:

  1. It’s advisable to choose a wetsuit with glued seams, instead of the bargain flat-stitched or blind-stitched seams. You can easily get a good glued-seam wetsuit for under $200. You can check this by flipping over the cuffs to see if there is stitching on both sides.
  2. Get the warmer 4/3mm thickness for just a bit more than the 3/2 if you tend to surf much during winter or early mornings. 3/2mm is still the Huntington Beach standard even though wetsuits are typically made with thicker (3 or 4mm) panels at the legs and trunk, and thinner panels around the arms where more flexibility is needed.
  3. It is advisable not to go for the bargain wetsuits with flat stitches on both the inside and outside seam because any place there’s a stitch going through the suit, it’s accompanied by a tiny pinhole. That’s a lot of pinholes which get bigger as the suit stretches and ages.
  4. Going for glued seams is probably a wetsuit best buy which you can easily get for under 200$ and on sale for under $130. They aren’t as strong as the taped or “welded” seams.
  5. Then comes the taped or if you’ve got the budget, you can easily go for the welded seam suits. This is the strongest seam having a shiny bead of rubber either inside or outside, on all the seams. It may not last long as the rubber dries and cracks sometimes.

Huntington Beach is a great place for surfers of all levels. If you are thinking about signing up for Huntington Beach surf lessons in California, undergo training at an acclaimed Surf School. The schools stock almost entirely full-length suits for all their surf lessons.

Things that every Surfer knows:

  1. When it comes to surfing, Hollywood never gets it right.
  2. Shortboards suck for learning.
  3. It’s always more paddling than surfing.
  4. Rip currents are as dangerous as are helpful.
  5. With waves being good, the sewage spills and the shark warning signs are meaningless.
  6. Surfers can easily see the ocean floor just by looking at how the waves break. They have the talent to spot the deepest and shallow spots that enables them in finding the channel that eases their paddle out.
  7. Surfers can easily tell whether one is a surfer just by the way one is carrying their board.


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