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Tips to be More Spontaneous While Traveling

Time has become really precious these days, and the vacation time is even dearer to everyone because you get it after working for a long time. It is obvious that you would want to get the most out of your road trips because you don’t want to waste time and hard-earned money. That is why; your first reaction while thinking about a trip is to book the tickets and hotel rooms so that you don’t have to search for them when you reach your destination. It is wise to plan major things, yet you must leave a little room for spontaneity to enjoy the most on your vacations.

Plan the important things

It is a good idea to book the mode of transportation and accommodation to be on the safe side. You will at least be sure that you will not be sleeping in your car or seeking shelter in the garage. You can also jot down the important places that you would not like to miss. Planning all the above things makes 80% of your vacation; you need to leave the remaining 20% on destiny and thoughtless programs.

Book a refundable accommodation

For the first and last night of your stay, you can spend money on non-refundable hotel rooms. For the all other nights in between, you can book the hotel that you find there at the destination. Moreover, it may also happen that you don’t like the hotel you have already reserved, which means you can go for another one after the first night. If you are traveling during off-season, you can extend your stay by a few days as most hotels allow it.

One tourist spot in a day

You can see one major tourist attraction in one day, preferably in the morning and then keep the rest of the day for unplanned things. You don’t have to set your feet on every tourist spot like you are running a marathon with a strict deadline. You are there out of your city to enjoy on your vacation, not to achieve it as a major task. You must be free after 12 pm to 1 pm after visiting one popular place; the remaining day is all up to you to explore local things. When you are in India, for example, you can take a car on rent in Noida, Delhi, or Mumbai and go around the famous places.

An extra day

In addition to all your planned days of vacation, you may feel too tired to go to far-off places. You may keep an additional day in your itinerary when you don’t plan to do anything but relax. Roam around the locality in the town, talk to the people you meet on your way, make the conversation meaningful, and you may find something interesting to explore nearby. You may even feel like extending your vacation by a day or two, if your schedule allows. Just one day of non-significant activities goes a long way in determining the happiness quotient of your holiday.

Read the newspaper

Buy a local newspaper to find out the ongoing events around you; you will certainly find something that you had never planned. There are several activities, concerts, festivals, and classes going on that you may want to attend. You can also use your smartphone to find out the local events. Search online for the websites that can tell you about the nearby activities going on or ask the locals about the best website or app to find out what you want. The information that you get locally is invaluable and you will never find it online.

Be spontaneous and go for whatever you feel like doing!



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