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Tips on will safe keeping

Precautions one should know about will safe keeping have been discussed.

It is important that you keep your wills safe. This is to ensure that the will is accepted by the court once the person has passed away. Usually, the courts demand original will. It is only certain circumstances; the court would accept a copy of the will. Hence, it is best to look out for an option for will safe keeping.

Storing the Wills:

When it comes to will safe keeping, the testator can keep a copy of his will in his office and home for reference. However, the original has to be kept safely in a place where it cannot be damaged by fire, weather or is vulnerable to theft. Additionally, it is up to the testator to leave instructions regarding his original will. Such notations can be enclosed or attached along with the copies of your will. Decide on a person whom you can share with all the formalities. People usually choose lawyers or attorneys. With online will facility like, you can have your will safe and secure online.

Copies of Wills:

Once you sign the will and all the formalities have been taken care of, you can photocopy the will. It is perfectly fine to have the copies distributed to your accountant, financial advisor, or any person that you nominated in the will to take care of your property. However, it is best to discuss all the possibilities with your lawyer before handing over the copies of your will to the people. It should not disturb your will safe keeping intention.

There might be times when your lawyer suggests you to avoid sharing the will and keeping it safe with him. If you have an attorney who can accept such a responsibility for you, then you should go by his suggestion. However, the original will is always subjected to damage and hence you need to look out for all the options carefully before you commit for safe keeping.

Before you think about any will safe keeping procedure, you need to understand the law first. Learn if there are specific conditions when it comes to drafting wills and then protecting it after signing it. Most importantly, you need to understand the fact that you would not be around to execute the will. Hence, it should be easier for the people behind you to take care of the formalities easily. You will have to plan the arrangements carefully so that the will is easy to access yet safe from damage and misuse.

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