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Tips for selecting medical products – country care group

We supply all care ortho rom walkers which are cross – strapping firm support and stabilization for injured ankle. We provide rocker bottom that is more walking stability during rehabilitation. We supply extra pads help increase comfort, providing stability and firm support for injured ankle. Its setting is from 45 degree plantar flexion and 30 degree dorsi-flexion in 7.5 degree increments. Our uprights can b locked in fixed position of 0, 7.5, 15, 22.5 or 30 degrees plantar flexion and dorsi-flexion. We provide post-operative use, stress/stable fractures of the lower leg and Achilles tendon repair rehabilitation.

We supply many kinds of wheelchairs accessories. We provide accessories for quickie wheelchairs. We give a huge range. We contribute accessories aid the customization of the standard wheelchair to suit the users and cares needs. We provide a wheelchair more comfortable and user friendly. The accessories usable include spoke guards, anti-tips bars, transit system and angle adjustable footplates.

Our useable medical products - country care group.

We provide toilet seat raiser with singaway arms. In this we supply ergonomically designed and adjustable height. We contribute features attractive lift-up lid for privacy. We supply for those who find standard toilets too low and include arms rests for stability. This product is made from polypropylene. We provide peak care toilet seat raiser with lid and without lid. We provide unifix toilet seat raiser it is no fiddly fitting, clamp securely by tightening single screw at the back, onto any toilet. It’s contoured for extra comfort, sloping gently forward for easier sitting and standing. It can be fitted to toilet seat or ceramic for height to suit you.

We provide glide 4 folding electric wheelchair rear wheel drive and it’s designed for maximum functionality and manoeuvrability. It is a compact, lightweight aluminium frame and lightweight folding construction makes it easier to carry and store. Overall it is a lightweight wheelchair

We provide karma flex self propelled folding wheelchair it is flexible, robust and stylish. It is a sturdy double cross brace and adjustable centre of gravity for greater stability. Our product is available with heavy duty function to assist plus-size clients in need of mobility device. We designed with key adjustments to create s suitable sitting environment and fit individual. We provide a child's manual wheelchair which incorporates the proven, durable and versatile G2 folding frame. We supply with subtle design changes it can accommodate more active children who require a sports style chair.

For more information of medical products visit our site  and feel free to contact us 1800 843 224 .


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