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Tips for going to Yellowstone

Next, we are going to give you a series of tips to visit Yellowstone. How to get there, what to see in Yellowstone, where to sleep, and lot of other info you can get from Yellowstone Guided Tours.

When to go to Yellowstone?

Yellowstone is only passable by car from the end of May-June to the beginning of October, and during the summer it is a top tourist destination in the United States. So it is advisable to book accommodation well in advance for West Yellowstone Tours. If you book later than April-May it is you will probably have to stay in hotels quite far from the national park.


For this same reason it is advisable to reserve a car to pick it up at our arrival airport before our departure to Yellowstone, so that we will avoid unpleasant surprises upon arrival as it is the only possible transport that we have available in the park, since Yellowstone does not have no public transport network.

How much does it cost to enter?

Entering Yellowstone National Park costs $ 35 per vehicle in 2018 ($ 30 if you are riding a motorcycle) and the pass is valid for 7 days to enter the park. This park is included in the annual national parks pass, which costs $ 80 in 2018 and allows you to visit the main national parks in the United States.

What to see in Yellowstone?

In Yellowstone Park Tours we find 2/3 of the world's geysers, so without a doubt this is the main attraction of the national park. Seeing how a geyser erupts is an impressive spectacle of nature that you should not miss, to know when the next eruption of a geyser is expected, you can ask at any information center.

The canyon of the Yellowstone river is also spectacular, and the waterfalls that it has, you can take a short walk that will take you an hour to see them from up close. Finally, the wildlife of Yellowstone is also incredible: it is one of the few places in the world where you can still see herds of bison in the wild, and you can also find bears, wapitis, mouflon, marmots, deer, and many more. So you don’t miss Yellowstone Wildlife Tours.

How to get?

To have Tours Of Yellowstone National Park, we have two airports nearby:

  • Idaho Falls, located about 200 miles from the park's west entrance.
  • Jackson Hole, located about 70 miles from the south entrance and about 200 kilometers from the park's west entrance. It has direct flights with Denver, Salt Lake City, Chicago and Minneapolis.
  • In summer, a small airport is open in West Yellowstone, with direct flights from Denver and Salt Lake City.

I personally recommend going to the Jackson Hole airport, especially if you are sitting at the window to the right of the plane.  Because it is spectacular to land at this airport seeing the lakes in the area and the Grand Teton on our right. So plan for Yellowstone National Park Guided Tours in your next holiday.

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