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Three Reasons an Airport Transfers Can Kick Your Honeymoon Off Right

Tom and Linda were about to get married. They had been engaged for over a year and even though the date seemed like it was never going to get there, suddenly it was just around the corner. In less than a week this couple, who had been dating for more than three years, were about to be called husband and wife. They had planned a wonderful honeymoon at a tropical destination, but they hadn’t thought about an Airport Transportation Service to take them to the airport or even pick them up from it when they return to.


What Tom and Linda discovered, far too late, was that there are probably plenty of great reasons to consider an Airport Limo Service when heading off on your honeymoon. Here are three reasons Tom and Linda came to that realization, just a little bit too late.


Reason #1: They Assumed they Would get to the Airport on Time:

Tom was meticulous about getting ready early. Linda had some trouble from time to time, but for their honeymoon they were packed and ready to go the day before their scheduled flight.


On the day of their flight, they got everything in the car, backed out of the driveway, and headed off to the airport. They had GPS on their phone, but an accident occurred just ahead of them on the road. They were essentially stuck on the highway for an hour and a half. They initially gave themselves two hours to get to the airport, plenty of time for these unexpected occurrences.


They arrived late, missed their flight, and couldn’t get on another flight for eight hours. They were frustrated, tired, and annoyed and that was not the way they want to start their honeymoon.


Reason #2: They Couldn’t find Parking:

Because they didn’t hire Airport Car Service, they had to park in long-term parking. They struggled just to find a spot. It added an extra 30 minutes to their trip. When they returned, the walk to the car seemed longer than ever.


Reason #3: Their Frustrations Built:

When looking for an Airport Limousine, by hiring companies that is reliable, safe, and dependable, they wouldn’t have had these frustrations and that would’ve help them kick off their honeymoon the way they had always expected, and the way it didn’t quite turn out.

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