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Things Traveler Miss When They are at Home

We all love traveling, don’t we? Yes, and still there are a few things that we hate about being on the go for a long time. And then ironically again, those detestable things are what make travel what it is. You wouldn’t have great stories to tell if there were no challenges. Yes, we are talking about the same things that made you cringe at that time, but now you miss them since you haven’t been on a road trip for a long time.

Living out of just one bag

You can carry more luggage when you drive a car, but nothing more than a backpack if you want to travel like a pro. It is certainly inconvenient and annoying to find those same clothes every day in your bag whenever you open it. You have to carry the bag on your back for the entire day at times. You hate all the weight when you are there in the new city, but you start missing that freedom of moving around when you are back home. You know that you have your entire life in just one bag. And as long as you feel energetic, you can take instant decisions and move anywhere with practically everything you need.

Getting bored

When you were a child, you would have surely heard that you should not get bored. Parents must have told you that you have to be indulged in something and be productive at all times. You could be unhappy, busy, stressed, but not bored.

And when you started traveling, you realized that you were not actually getting bored all that time; you were just relaxing. Now you crave for that time out of your busy lives when you can sit idle and just calm down your soul. What you always called boredom was actually relaxation, for which you can trade your kidney now.

Meeting other travelers

Most travelers don’t like the other travelers because they are preachers, self-obsessed, and many a times stink! All these reasons are enough to stay away from the humankind who calls themselves wanderers. You would many level-headed travelers and a few idiots at the same tine when you were out there in some other corner of the world. Someone might have bragged about how he could crack a deal rent a car in Delhi and still not break the bank. The other person might have told you how he spent a fortune on just one trip to Malaysia.

When you are there in a hostel or any crowded country, you have to talk to them. You cannot help but speak to strangers, even when you don’t ask for directions or ask for change money. Nevertheless, these fools are the same people that you miss when you are there back home. You want to talk to those solo travelers and dingy people because deep down you know that you are one of them. You are aware that it feels immensely proud to be an ugly person who has gained a lot of knowledge while traveling.

Travelers are a unique tribe of people who cannot help being proud of their achievements, even if they never say a word about it. You all share one common trait of being adventurous. And since you are at home now, nothing seems more unpleasant than being among the flashy mortals who cannot understand why you loved being so ugly and stinky.

Travel is a highly rewarding experience that is inimitable for everyone, and it is obvious that you miss those crazy moments when you are sitting in front of your computer screen in office or washing dishes at home!

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