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The True Church and The Righteous Souls

The teachings of Christ associated with the true church, can be referred to as ‘Jesus Church Teachings.’ The church that follows the words of Christ, debars from the path of deception. This church is monitored and run by a group of righteous men, who takes an upper hand in spreading the words of Christ among mankind.

Matthew 16:18 underlines the words of Christ, the seer, who could predict easily that many would come in His name to run the church. Yet, under the veneer of piousness, they would nurture hatred and fear and they would disrepute Him by deceiving others. Jesus had assured that He would build His own Church. He referred to a singular church, and not to religious groups or factions. Thus in Matthew 16: 18 Christ talked about ‘a church’ and not ‘churches’.

In Matthew 21:42, Jesus had addressed Himself as the ‘corner stone’ and He stated that it was on that rock, He would build the edifice of the church. This ‘rock’ can be considered to be ‘the rock of revelation’, where Christ, as He said to his disciples, would lay the foundation of His church. Christ had also said that Heaven is the abode of His Father, and while He received His revelations from His origin, His Father, the fellow disciples, would receive their wisdom and knowledge, in form of revelations from their Father, the Christ. To continue click on

Jesus church teachings say that we, the humans have heard the gospels before, which after birth, had been obliterated. The revelations from Lord would enable us to recollect the holy gospels, that ask some very basic questions of grave importance, such as what made us embark on this earth, where is our destination and when shall we be guided to our homeland. Jesus church teachings have clearly stated that the holy church comprises of those, who have got the revelations of God. They are the chosen few of Lord, who have washed off all their sins to take recourse to the path of uprightness and truth. In John 6:44, Jesus had said that if one aspires to reach Him, he, must be endowed with blessings by His Father. Once he is drawn by Him, he can reach Christ.

The church teachings of Jesus said that the righteous souls who run the church are men of infinite potentiality, who can free the world from all the corruptions and the negative forces and can cure all the ravages made in the distant past or in the immediate present. They can protect the world from all misdeeds, by spreading the message of Christ among mankind.

Jesus Church teaching has also enumerated the salient features of the true church. A true church would be small and would never allow any monetary gains from its service to mankind. It would also have nothing secret or sceptical about it. The church teachings have also talked about the benevolent father figure, who protects the world. The importance of baptizing one in the name of the Father is also noted in these teachings.

Christ proclaimed that souls, capable of forsaking all vices to achieve salvation, are incorporated to His church. The true church always aims at finding out the lost sheep along with others who have made themselves ready to reach their homeland, the abode of Father, where they hailed from. Jesus gave His chosen hands, like Peter and the apostles, the noble work of spreading his messages among mankind, and they were instructed to make disciples all over the world to make the gospels of Christ known to all.


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