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The Top Three Data Encryption Software At the Moment

No matter you are an owner of a multinational firm, a sole proprietor, an employee of a company, a student or a housewife, your database is always on the target of cyber criminals. The IT experts give a number of advices to the computer user regarding data security; one of the most common advices is encrypting data. To serve the purpose, there is a number of data encryption software available in the market at the moment, but, which are the best encryption programs that can help you to make your information protected. Below mentioned is the top 3 data encryption software available in the market at the moment.

Folder Lock

Folder Lock is currently the best encryption software by far. According to the ratings of it is the best in the business currently, Folder Lock has got the full marks as far as friendly user interface is concerned. It is the only software that offers dynamic locker facility, which means that the locker will grow in size as the size of data will increase. By using Folder Lock, you can lock and hide files, encrypt data, enjoy the facility of dynamic lockers, can transfer encrypted lockers to portable drives, clean history and shred files (delete files that cannot be recovered) and much more. What else a user can ask from security software, Folder Lock is literally not just encryption software, but, a comprehensive data security plan.


SensiGuard is another wonderful example of data encryption software. But, the program has really some few bugs which are needed to be fixed. The software is not the easiest of all to make the data secure, the users that do not have much expertise in computer feel uncomfortable with this software as it has some real complexities. Other than that, it can be handy software to encrypt records, but, it is to be advised that you should keep a backup of your data as it cannot neutralize every hack attack.


CryptoForge is another masterpiece of the engineering of data encryption software. It has some brilliant skills in decrypting files and folders, but, it may become a bit sluggish at times when encrypting data. Another issue with this software is that software is not a preferred one for the users who like to multitask. The only way to encrypt information through this software is through the context menu that is not the best of the things.



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