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The top four care instructions for your favorite neoprene swimwear you need to know

Neoprene is one of those fabrics that need a little extra TLC to give back so much to the wearers. While fabrics such as scuba knit and neoprene was initially exclusively linked to laptop cases or wetsuits, these fabrics have recently been increasingly used not only in the realm of high fashion clothing brands and some of the biggest names in the fashion industry but has come to be used in some of the clothing that are absolutely necessary in any closet, swimwear. Not only is it quite warm and thermal retentive in nature, they are also quite moisture proof in nature.

However, it is definitely a fabric that needs some special care options to stay in optimal shape. With the transition into swimwear items, these are one of the fabrics that people don’t generally understand how to properly take care of. Though it is quite durable and tough by nature, it is definitely a fabric that needs attention and care to extend the lifespan and wearability. While most people tend to dry clean their clothing items, it is not quite possible to dry clean one’s swimwear garments. It is very necessary to follow the care instructions for the specific garment that one is planning to wear, however, here are some of the best care instructions to help care for neoprene swimwear.

Four important things to remember when washing any neoprene garment include-

Air dry

One of the key steps in caring for any type of neoprene fabric is to ensure they are hung up to dry as soon as people are done wearing them. It can be really difficult to get stubborn creases out of the fabric once it has been folded or crushed up. A good idea can be to hang the pieces indoors and away from any type of direct sunlight. Direct sunlight can cause neoprene to get quickly dried out and start cracking. The fabric should only be exposed to the sun when someone is wearing it.


One of the most important things to remember about neoprene is that it is not a fabric that likes machine washes. While it can be washed in the machine at a delicate setting, it is not advisable, especially for items like athletic swimwear or an impact vest for women to do so. It can be better to steer on the safe side and go for hand washing the items in cold water that is below 40degrees. Mild detergent works the best and a good rinse is necessary. Wash the clothes gently, rinse them under running water and let them soak in water for some more time or overnight. Hang to dry.


Neoprene cannot be tumble dried since the heat can melt the fabric and turn it into a blubbery mess. Let them air dry on coat hangers to prevent creasing.

Stubborn stains

Since the swimwear is continuously exposed to salt water or any other chemicals that are added to pools to cleanse the water, it is necessary to ensure that the swimwear is thoroughly washed in plain and cool water and air dried. One of the best tips to ensure that any stubborn saltwater stain is taken care of is to add some warm/hot water on the mark and then immersed in warm water to ensure that the swimwear is clean. Follow up with any care instructions mentioned on the packaging to ensure that the swimwear is clean.

With the right care instructions, it is quite possible to care for neoprene clothing or swimwear like an impact vest for women or athletic swimwear at home to ensure their longevity.


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