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The Top 5 Cancers Affecting Women

Cancer is one of the most common causes of death of women in America. There can be many factors that can contribute to cancer. Of all the factors, family history, lifestyle and environment are 3 most influential factors that can cause or even promote cancer growth. While, there is nothing you can do about the family medical history, you definitely can control your lifestyle choices and the environment you live in.

According to statistical data most women are prone to be diagnosed with one of the major five types of cancers. Here in this discussion we are going to list the most common five forms of cancer that you need to know about.

1. Breast Cancer

Most casualties due to cancer in women are caused by the breast cancer. Of all the cases of cancer in women, 26% suffer from breast cancer. This means 1 woman in every 8 is prone to suffer from breast cancer. You need to understand the risk factors of this condition:

·         Age-Elder women (55 or older) are at more risk

·         Race-Your ethnicity also plays an important role as  a risk factor

·         Family history-If there is a medical history of breast cancer in your family then you are higher risk

You should always set up regular medical check ups with your doctor regarding the breast cancer prevention.

2. Lung and Bronchus Cancer

Second position of the most malicious form of cancer is the lung and bronchus cancer. It accounts to a total of 14% of cancer cases in women. That means 1 in 16 women has the odds of getting lung or bronchus cancers. The risk factors you need to be careful about include:

·         Exposure to radon gas, arsenic, soot or tar

·         Second-hand smoke

Your environment is the most significant risk factor that can cause the lung cancer. Prevention involves living in a clean environment as well as following a healthy diet plan and limiting alcohol.

3. Colon and Rectum Cancer

Accounting to total of 10% of all cancers in women, the colon and rectal cancers cause 9% of all deaths. Fortunately, age is a prime factor in this form of cancer as more than 90% of the patients are 50 or above. The risk factors you need to be careful about include:

·         Heavy drinking

·         Inactivity

·         High fat and low fiber diet

·         Smoking

In this form of cancer the early detection is the best chance of survival.

4. Uterine Cancer

This form of cancer claims 3% of all lives lost due to cancer. The risk factors you need to be aware of include:

·         More than average menstrual periods

·         Estrogen therapy

·         Obesity

·         Ovarian tumors

·         Diabetes

·         Polycystic ovarian syndrome

A family history of colon cancer also increases the risks.

5. Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma Risks

Non-Hodgkin lymphoma affects every one woman in 53. The risk factors involved are:

·         Weak immune system

·         Exposure to certain chemicals

·         Autoimmune diseases

·         Age

The best cure for any form of cancer is the diagnosis at the earliest. Women should schedule a full body checkup to ensure precaution. 


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