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Now, before you start writing to me in protest, allow me to clarify my position here:
The teachers are not at fault. I’m not blaming them. They didn’t do anything wrong.
So why did I pinpoint them as the reason your child isn’t performing to the best of his or her ability?

Let Me Describe A Scenario Here   

In a school classroom, one teacher is assigned to teach a particular subject.
And that teacher is in charge of about 40 students in the class.
Think about it. One teacher. 40 students.

So the teacher simply teaches the subjects. One after another.
That teacher simply follows the syllabus.

And that’s about it. The class is collectively supposed to keep up.
But what happens if some students aren’t able to?
What if some of them have difficulties understanding certain topics in the subject?

Well… Too bad. The teacher can’t just stop the class to help these students. He or she has to follow the timeline set in the semester. He or she can’t slow down. The show must go on.   
That’s the situation your child is facing.

Now, let me ask you:
What if your child was one of the students who couldn’t keep up?
Can he or she go to the teacher for help? Sure... Maybe once or twice. But the teacher is also limited by time. He or she can’t simply attend to every student who individually comes up for help.

Which finally leads me to the main point:

I’ll be the first to admit: Our government is doing what it can to optimise the learning process for all students. To get them to do as well as they can. And as an educator myself, I have personally witnessed the government’s endeavours to constantly improve their systems. 

But the fact of the matter is: Your child needs help NOW! 

If your child is still unable to get the EXACT, APPROPRIATE help he or she needs… this issue will not go away. After all, it’s not like the teacher will suddenly be able to give your child individualised help, right?  

This is why I’m writing this to you. 

Because even though this is such a widespread problem… There’s actually a way to solve it.

A way that will bypass this unavoidable flaw. A way for your child to reach his or her full potential… Even while still being subjected to the school system. 

And I want you to learn more about it. Take action fast. No more wasting time going around in circles… Scratching your head… Getting frustrated about your child’s school performance… 

Time to stop that. And time to start heading in the RIGHT direction. For your child’s academic results. His/her success. 

And most importantly: His/her future!

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