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The Fundamental Beliefs of Islam

Each religion has a few fundamentals that set out the system of that specific religion. The followers then guarantee that the fundamentals are kept up and saw on consistent premise to guarantee that the religion stays consistent with its unique structure and that the people have a solitary way to take after.

Like different religions, Islam likewise has its arrangement of fundamentals. The fundamental of Islam can be conveyed into two classifications. The main class of the fundamental of Islam is identified with practice that requires demonstration, while the second classification can be the fundamentals that remain as center Islamic beliefs.

The lines below discuss about core Islamic beliefs so that the readers of this post can increase their knowledge about Islam and the fundamental of Islam.
Fundamental Beliefs: 
In addition to the fundamentals that have to be practiced, there are others that comprise the belief of a Muslim. A Muslim has to believe in these fundamentals in order to have pure and complete belief. The core fundamental beliefs in which a Muslim must believe from the bottom of the heart are discussed below.

Believe In Allah: 
Firstly a Muslim has to believe in Allah as the Lord of this universe and whatever is in it. No matter whatever a Muslim says from the tongue, this belief should be instilled and engraved in the heart of a Muslim.

Believe in Angels: 
Secondly, a Muslim has to believe in angels as the creation of Allah Almighty. These angels are servants of Allah and all they do is carry out His orders and praise and worship Him.

Believe in Prophets: 
Besides Muhammad (PBUH) a Muslim has to believe in all the other Prophets that Allah Almighty sent for the guidance of mankind and give them equal respect and reverence.

Believe In Divine Books: 
Like other Prophets, a Muslim has to believe in all the other books that were revealed to those Prophets for the guidance of their nations. Therefore, in addition to the Holy Book Quran, the other divine books are also to be believed in by a Muslim.

Believe in Judgment Day: 
A Muslim is to have the belief that the Judgment day is inevitable and once it arrives, all the people will be held accountable for their deeds which they committed in this world.

Believe in Destiny: 
A Muslim must also believe that there are some things that are beyond human power and comprehension and should be regarded as elements of destiny or faith.

Believe In Resurrection: 
A Muslim must believe that there is life after death and once a person dies, he or she will rise again and the life that will be given to a person then will be the eternal life with no end.

In a nutshell, in order to be a true Muslim and complete in belief, a Muslim has to believe in and practice the core fundamental of Islam. The personification of these fundamentals can be seen in the personality of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH); therefore, every person must find guidance from His Sunnah.


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