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The five Pillers of Islam

The fundamentals of Islam are the five strongest pillars or acts which are considered mandatory for the Muslims throughout the world. They are considered the most important acts to be practiced by the Muslims earnestly. These fundamentals are the core and the heart of the Islamic religion. The five basic principles are ordained by Allah and it should be practiced generations after generations without any changes.

Sahadath- This is the first principles of Islam which requires one to have complete faith and declare that faith to Allah. This word means that there is no god but only Allah and Muhammad is the messenger of Allah. This principle is the most essential fundamental to observe in order to become a Muslim.

Salat—This is the second fundamentals of Islam and it requires one to pray to Allah five times a day. These five times are prefixed on different part of the day and night. The prayer begins with the start of the dawn, midday followed by afternoon and then evening and finally night. During slat the follower of Islam calls Allah for his help and mercies. All the five prayers are recited while facing the direction of kabah or maccah. Before praying, one has to perform wadu or the compulsory cleaning in order to get the purification. One can perform prayer anywhere, such in home, school, university, college, parks, public places, but performing prayer is Mosque is more preferable.

Swam or fasting- Fasting during the ninth month of the Islamic calendar is an obligatory for all adult Muslims. However, fasting is not obligation to people who are suffering from critical disease, lactating mother, children, extreme old people and travelers. Muslims are required to fast from the start of the sunrise to the sunset. During this period they abstain themselves from eating, drinking, doing sin or other types of mischievous things that are not considered morally and religiously good. Also, one has to keep away from him or her from the worldly entertainment and engage them in the Iabdat of Allah. This is the most holy month of the Islamic calendar and Muslims involve themselves only in good deeds in return of rewards from Allah in this world and hereafter. This is also the month of alms and zakat giving to the poor and needy.

Hajj- This is an obligatory act that every Muslim needs to perform at least once in their lifetime. Hajj takes place during the month of Hijah as per Islamic calendar. Muslims have to perform hajj in the holy city of Macca at Kabbah which is the centrifugal place of Muslims and Kabbah is the most sacred and holiest place of Muslims. While performing hajj, Muslims have to dress modestly as per the Islamic way. There are different set of clothing for men and women. Walking seven times around the Kabbah is the main part of hajj and this is termed as Tawaf. There are also other rituals which one has to perform in hajj such as touching the black stone, stoning to Saytan or the devil, travelling between mount Safa and mount Marwah.

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