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The best tips to wash linens:

In the following, you can find out how and how often you should wash your sheets – The best tips offered by cleaners near me.

Tips: Wash linen

While the ancient Romans used animal skins as warming bed coverings, the Egyptians already knew linen sheets. Even today, linen is often used to make duvet covers and sheets, because the fabric is dimensionally stable, feels comfortable on the skin and is suitable for every season. In the meantime, numerous other types of fabrics have been added to the range of bedding materials.

Because in the past, the coatings served only practical purposes, they should nowadays also influence the atmosphere in the bedroom. The sheets are no longer made in monotone white, but the covers are printed with colorful patterns and the sheets are colored. There is underwear that warms particularly well and is ideal for winter because of its fluffy fabric.

Other substances are extremely light and can absorb a lot of liquid, which is why they are raised especially in summer. Due to this variety of materials and color designs, it is not possible to make a uniform temperature statement when washing bed linen. But you have to sort your linen by color and material.

Wash white sheets:

Because in the past, the sheets were usually made of cotton, it was quite simple: The white sheets counted for cooking and was washed at 95 degrees. Today, however, you should not always clean white bedding at the highest temperature, but must be guided by the material that makes up your duvet cover.

As suggested by cleaners near me, once you have deducted the beds, proceed as follows:

- Turn the covers to the left.

- Close buttons and zippers.

- Read the manufacturer's instructions on the laundry label (usually located near the closure).

- Put the sheets in the washing machine.

- Turn on the highest possible (according to the label) temperature, and choose a program with prewash.

- If possible, use a heavy-duty powder detergent that contains bleaching substances to prevent a gray haze on your laundry.

- If you hang the white bedding in the sun after washing instead of putting it in the dryer, you will also get natural bleach.

- If the manufacturer label is already faded or no longer available, you can focus on the following points:

·        Cotton, beaver, and linen may be washed at 95 degrees.

·        Microfibre, jersey, terrycloth and bedding tolerate 60 degrees.

·        You can only wash silk bedding at 30 degrees.


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