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The Best Company That Provides an Effective Flow Cytometry Antibody Staining Procedure

Flow Cytometry is a widely used methodology for analyzing the expression of cell surface and intracellular molecules, characterizing and defining totally different cell types in a heterogeneous cell population, assessing the purity, and analyzing cell size and volume. It allows a simultaneous multi-parameter analysis of single cells. It is predominantly used to measure fluorescence intensity created by fluorescent-labeled antibodies detecting proteins

The Flow Cytometry is a laboratory method used for the quick and multiparametric examination of separated cells (i.e. blood cells). Or an invaluable tool used to analyze the chemical and physical properties of cells

Flow Cytometers are capable of measuring a range of cellular characteristics such as • Relative cell size • Internal complexity/granularity • Cell surface properties/refractive indices • Levels of fluorescence• • Relative fluorescence intensity

Principle of Flow Cytometry

The basic principle of flow Cytometry is that the passage of cells in a single line in front of a laser so that they will be detected, counted and sorted.

A flow Cytometry is generally composed of 3 components: The flow system (fluidics) The optical system (light sensing) The electronic system (signal processing)

Applications of Flow Cytometry

  • Clinical use of Flow Cytometry
  • Enzymatic deficiencies
  • DNA analysis (Malignancy)
  • Genetic disease and Carriage
  • Cell death

Moreover, the unique thing in flow Cytometry is it is Multiparametric, Rapid Analysis of a Large Number of Cells, Information at a Single Cell Level, Detection of Rare Cell Populations, and Allows Physical Isolation of Cells of Interest.

FACS protocols are available for Direct and Indirect staining, staining of intracellular antigens, and cell preparation protocols. Boster Bio is an antibody manufacturer specializing in high-sensitivity, high-specificity, ELISA kits, FACS Protocols, and WB/IHC compatible antibodies. Our antibodies are thoroughly validated for varied applications including IHC, WB, ELISA, and Flow Cytometry.

Boster bio was founded in the year 1993 by famed histologist Steven Xia. We have spent more than 2.5 years of decades in perfecting our techniques and technology and our product are well-cited in more than 23,000 publications.

From the above discussion, we can conclude that Flow Cytometry is a very powerful and valuable tool for evaluating many immunological processes. The technology incorporates the use of lasers, detectors, filters, fluidics, electronics, visible radiation, and light scatter to provide great detailed data with regard to a cell’s size, shape, health, cell surface, and intracellular expression of proteins, functional byproducts, ability to proliferate, and gene expression

For a Successful Flow Cytometry Experiment follow up following steps that include Sample preparation, Staining considerations Dead cell discrimination, Dead cell discrimination

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