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The 3 Foundational Elements Necessary for a Church to Grow

Have you ever thought that some Churches are able to reach out to people easily than the others? If you think that it all depends on the location of the Church or the deionizational then you are wrong. Today Churches are available in all shape and size, they are open for all. They are present in every nook and corner of a city. Follow these three essential and necessary outreach principles to ensure that your Church is growing too.

  • Reach out to people

It has been mostly observed that old Churches and their growing ministries with time become too self- absorbed. The older the Church is the more they become self-obsessed, which should never happen.

Church is here for a mission and that is the Christ mission and to pass on His words of wisdom to empower everyone. If you stop preaching what God wants you to, then this will definitely affect your Church’s growth too. Go back to your main mission; you are here to spread His words. Focus on that and work on that. Reach out to people, let people know and realize your true mission and work for that accordingly.

  • Networking is the key

Christianity should be spread and the more you spread the more you grow. Ask your true devotees to bring in their relatives and friends, let them also come with you and be a part of this glorious mission. Let everyone pray for the people who have joined them for the first time. Make use of human empowerment. Let everyone pray for the new members. Let them feel wanted, let them feel enlightened too. Tell the members to think of one person who is not present, let them pray for them too and tell the Lord to forgive his wrong deeds. Next, tell each person to contact the person in their prayer to call them and join them in the next sermon.

  • Make them realize that they need Church

Many people visit Church to be heard to be listened to. Not everyone is here knowing or realizing the importance of Jesus. They need to have a connection. They might come to the Church with some concerns; some will be worried about their job while some will be concerned about their relationship, their kids, finances and what not.

The Gospel of Christ should be relevant to them and it should hit them hard then, of course, they will visit Church more often. We need to show unreached people that Church has all the answers for their questions. It is the Church who will show them the right path to conquer every problem that they are facing. The Church should pass on the Human Stewardship message to every unreached people accordingly.

Now you know why your Church is not growing while others are. Work on these areas to truly spread the message of Jesus himself. Let them join you and seek your guidance for a better life. Let them realize how Church can change their course of life and make their life rejuvenated.

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