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The 20s Dilemma of Vacationing with Family or Friends

The title of this post may sound absurd to many people, but the millennial folks of today’s age will understand this dilemma of going for a road trip, and choosing between family and friends. If you have just entered your early twenties, you must have heard your family complaining that you don’t spend enough time with them. Whenever you go out with your friends for a vacation, they might not object but they do express the desire to go for a family holiday. The situation is always critical for the youngsters to manage with limited number of leaves. As the situation is easily manageable, why not find out ways to keep your friends as well as family happy.

Forget the previous scenario

Gone are the days when the parents would decide a destination and everybody would just accompany without asking anything. As the times have changed, kids like to go for individual road trips. The ones living in metropolitans often hire Self-Drive Cars in Delhi, for example, and leave for the mountains. Parents prefer to go for religious vacations with the elders. The parents need to forget the family setup that existed decades ago, and walk hand in hand with kids. When the kids find that their parents are jovial with them, they don’t mind going out with them.

Respect the mutual interests

Whenever you decide to go for a family trip, you need to understand that each person may have different interests. Although the major agenda of the family can be same, but the elders and the kids should not mind when someone wants to go for a different activity. If you are there in Rishikesh, for instance, you all may go to the temples in the beginning so that the adults have their good time. Then you can go to for the adventure sports while the kids enjoy the activities and the elders may watch them enjoying. All this might sound complicated to achieve for some families, but these are achievable goals if you plan well and take the required time to spend.

Stay away from the gadgets

Although it is too much of a challenge to accept for kids, but they need to understand that the vacations are meant to spend quality time with family. Each member of the group needs to keep the gadgets away, and use them only when there is nothing to do. Even when you have free time at hand, you can talk to each other rather than checking Instagram, Facebook, or Snapchat.

Rebuild your bond

A vacation is meant to rebuild your bond with the travel buddies, whether they are your friends or parents. Just like you make sure that communication does not ever end with your buddies, you need to ensure that with your family as well. There are a few topics that you can always pick to talk to the family. Ask them about their interests and dreams, their connections with the neighbors, and any other thing that you think interests them. Parents are grateful to their children whenever they see that their kids are making efforts to give them a good time. Admire that time whenever you are there on a vacation.

Choosing the group

There are certain things that you can enjoy only with friends, and you cannot underestimate the importance of road trips with friends. Make your family understand that you will go out with them as well, and honor your promise. There is no choice between friends and family. It’s simple math; you need to give the due importance to each group.



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