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That Time When You Should Take a Break from Traveling

Someone may laugh off at this phrase, but a few people actually travel too much to exhaust themselves. Travel becomes a chore for them, and they end up frustrating themselves. If, ever in your life, you have felt that vacationing is becoming too much for you to bear, you need to recognize the signs of over-traveling and take a break at the right time.

Travel tickets and passes everywhere

When you are at home or office, you see flight tickets and boarding passes everywhere. You forget where you had kept your train tickets for the upcoming journey because there are so many of them wandering around the house. You might have made copies of them, taken pictures of the tickets, but now you cannot find them. You may get frustrated about yourself for being so careless, but also have a good laugh over it.

You forget the details

When someone asks you where you are coming from or where you are headed to, you have to think for a moment and then answer. You need to double check the airport in Mumbai, for example, where you need to land. You keep forgetting your seat number in a train, the food that you like the most, or the things you need to buy from a particular city. The Chinese noodles in Delhi reminds you the ramen you had in Beijing, and you feel confused about the version of noodles you prefer.

The toiletries and the luggage

You have already started feeling tired of packing and unpacking your luggage, so you have stopped doing it long ago. At least one bag in your room contains all you need to survive, and your toiletries are there in miniature bottles for at least a week of vacation. You just refill those bottles and do laundry for the travel clothes, and then pack them again in the luggage. When it is time to go, you give a cursory look to your stuff, and just leave. You know that you will manage to buy, rent, or steal something you will need in the vacation city.

The staff at the airport

You start recognizing a few faces at every famous airport where you travel often. You may also spot an airhostess in an airplane whom you had met a year ago while flying abroad. It does give a great feeling to know the names of airlines staff, but is secretly annoying as well.

You become an expert at travel mayhems

You have already faced so many challenges while traveling around the world that you become a pro at solving them. You don’t feel the anxiety anymore and may have ready solutions for all kinds of problems. Your airplane got delayed, you know that a special bus will take you to the exit gate. Your train got delayed, it doesn’t matter; you know that it always happens. You just book a Self-Drive Car Rental in Delhi and go around blissfully. You lose your documents, never mind; you have the online copies handy. You lose your wallet, but that does not bother you because you have online money wallets.

While all of the above reasons make you a pro at traveling, you do miss a few things in life. You want to be with your family more, but the entire next year is planned for your vacations. You want to relax in your bed for straight two nights, but your mind never sleeps. Instagram and Facebook do not haunt you anymore, but you know deep inside your heart that it is time to take a break when nothing about traveling excites you.



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