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Ten Easy Steps To Set Up Youtube Live On Your Website

YouTube is one of the world's most popular video based sites and once used properly and intelligently, it can refresh the marketing strategy of a business house encouraging profits and considerable progress. Setting up YouTube channels the marketers can think of sharing live videos for better results. Although, doing so is often thought to be a hassle by the marketers, following some easy steps it can be accomplished at ease and plenty of videos can be live streamed in YouTube.

Enabling the channel: For the first time, when one is taking initiative to live stream videos, it is important to enable the channel. It must be assured that the channel is verified. For enabling the video, one needs to go to the Creator Studio, first. A small grey box will appear that will feature the list and will say whether you are eligible or not to live stream videos. Making sure that your account is free of restrictions and strikes over the period of last 90 days is important, and for this you need to go to the Live Streaming Tab.

Setting up the Encoder: Before you get to live stream videos, it is necessary to download the Encoding Software and set it up first, using data from the Live Streaming page, the encoder software server URL and the stream key or the name.

A compelling title and a description is a must: In the Live Streaming page you will get the basic Info tab. This tab must be furnished with a compelling title and a description in gist regarding what you are streaming live. Some niche, keywords are to be used and the title and the description must be catchy and exciting to draw the attention of the viewers.

Thumbnail: Adding a thumbnail, which according to your discretion is interesting enough to attract the viewers is a must. This will provide your live stream an alluring and a professional appeal.

Choosing the category: This is nothing but fixing up the level of your privacy set up, whether you want it to be public or unlisted.

Setting the stream options: DVR option is to be chosen from the Stream Options Tab if you want the viewers to start from anywhere at random, even when you are streaming live. You may even choose to unlist the archived video to curb and check its accessibility and exposure to a large number of viewers.

Setting up stream optimization: The option “normal” is to be chosen over “low” and “ultra-low.” Distractions caused by the arrival of the viewers’ comments almost in real time, is to be avoided.

Adding marketing cards: Various types of marketing cards can be added depending on the options that you prefer. Adding cards to your live videos can interactively add more to them and you will be provided with the opportunities to provide your url, links, titles, images and so on, depending on the card type that you choose.

Going Live: Switching on and off the encoder will enable you can go live and stop respectively. You can record your live video at a stretch of up to four hours.

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