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A detailed explanation and description of all items in Teamfight Tactics, as well as tips on which compositions you should use them on and how to build your items around the champions you are given.

Continuing our Teamfight Tactics (TFT) series, we will now talk more about items in the game mode. For those of you who have been living under a rock, Teamfight Tactics is a newly released game mode developed by Riot Games (the creators of League of Legends) to be implemented within the League of Legends client. It is a free-for-all, 8 player turn-based strategy/drafting game that relies on the classic League of Legends champions & items for its assets. It belongs to the heavily trending genre recently, which houses Dota Auto Chess (DAC) which is currently a massively popular game on its own.

How do items work in TFT

When playing a game of Teamfight Tactics, there are PvP rounds and PvE rounds, as well as shared draft (also known as carousel) rounds. In this article we will be focusing more on PvE and carousel rounds, as those are the rounds where you can gain new items to use in the rest of your TFT game. In Teamfight Tactics, items are split into two categories: component items & completed items. There are a total of 8 different component items, which can be used to create up to 36 different completed items. We will talk briefly about each item in this article, explaining some of the compositions where they work well and explaining their effects.

Items vs. Champion synergies

In Teamfight Tactics, drafting powerful synergistic champions and collecting the proper items for them is generally how you keep your Little Legend alive until the end. There are currently two schools of thought that are considered the optimal way to play the game: Adapting and pivoting your champion picks and synergies around the items you get in the PvE rounds and carousels up until the Krugs/Wolves rounds, or holding the component items you get early until you get an acceptable/strong set of champions that you want to build around, sometimes it is also considered acceptable in the second method to combine the components you get to generally strong items that fit in many compositions (Locket of the Iron Solari, Ionic Spark, Phantom Dancer, Morellonomicon, etc.).

Component items in Teamfight Tactics Guide

In Teamfight Tactics, there are 8 different component items, each of them can be combined with another one to create 8 different possible completed TFT items. We will briefly mention each of them now.

1- B.F. Sword:

The first component item in TFT is B.F. Sword. It increases the Attack Damage of the unit it is given to by 20. This will increase the holder’s damage per successful attack, and will give further benefits when you land a critical hit. It is generally considered a necessity when drafting Assassins.

2- Recurve Bow:

The next component item in Teamfight Tactics is Recurve Bow. It grants the holder +20% Attack Speed. This causes them to attack quicker and has the interesting impact of increasing their mana regeneration, and is great to collect if you are planning on playing Gunslingers.

3- Needlessly Large Rod:

The third component item in the game is Needlessly Large Rod. It gives the user +20 Ability power. This will increase the holder’s damage/utility on their ability. Naturally, they fit Sorcerers and Elementalists the best.

4- Tear of the Goddess:

Another component item in TFT is Tear of the Goddess. It increases the Mana of the unit holding it by 20, allowing them to cast their first ability quicker than normal since they have a 20 mana headstart. This item is versatile and would be considered suitable for multiple synergies, like Gunslingers/Demons/Sorcerers/Elementalists/Assassins, as it can be used to make a Spear of Shojin which is considered one of the strongest items in TFT.

5- Chain Vest:

The next component item in Teamfight Tactics is Chain Vest. It grants the unit that it is given to an extra 20 Armor. This means the Physical damage they receive is reduced. It is also highly desired for most compositions as it builds into extremely valuable TFT items such as Red Buff, Thornmail, and of course Phantom Dancer. Elo Boost

6- Negatron Cloak:

The sixth component item in the game is Negatron Cloak. It gives the unit holding it an extra 20 Magic Resist, which reduces the Magic damage they receive. It is extremely strong as it builds into the extremely strong TFT items Dragon’s Tooth & Ionic Spark.

7- Giant’s Belt:

To continue, the next component item in the game is Giant’s Belt. The unit wielding it is given an additional 200 Health, which increases their survivability against all types of damage. Generally a good defensive option that builds into many good offensive options as well, such as Titanic Hydra, Red Buff & Morellonomicon.

8- Spatula:

The last component item in the game is Spatula. It gives no additional stats to the unit holding it, but it can still be used with the other components to make unique completed Teamfight Tactics items. It is the wild card item which allows you to be creative with your compositions, we will talk more about why later.


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