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T-shirt: The perfect Companion in a Man’s Life

T-shirts have always been the perfect companion of a man no matter where he's going. Before t-shirts were introduced, a long one-piece with buttons was a man's outfit but everything changed once t-shirts came into the picture and things never went back to the way they used to be. T-shirts changed the way men used to look, changed the personality and definitely changed the fashion wave. The tide turned and the world saw the emergence of a new upper body clothing that signed in with style and made a promise that it's here for good.

When t-shirts were introduced, they were originally meant to wear under a shirt or a coat but mid 19th century saw it as the separate clothing and not just an undergarment. And then the designers started working on the t-shirt after realizing that it has shown promise for a long future. And the rest is just history. The t-shirt evolved into multiple directions and we saw the rise of multiple new versions of the old t-shirt.

It all began with the plain white t-shirt that is still trending. This white t-shirt was worn by Navy men but then it was welcomed into fashion and was worn with blue jeans. This combination itself was a huge revolution; men were seen wearing this anywhere and everywhere. But the t-shirt was not settling down with just this. It had to achieve a lot more and it was ready to go cash in the fame it has earned. Right after and even during the white t-shirt was earning so much, the bold black t-shirt also gained some popularity and the experimenting with t-shirts began. The multiple designs and styles were introduced. The patterned t-shirt gained popularity along with the multicolour t-shirts. The t-shirts went under more experimenting and different types of prints were applied on them. Some of very famous of them were the ones with rock band names and t-shirt brand names on them. But in recent times, we are looking at a huge pool of t-shirts with multiple designs and quotes on them. The famous movie and TV characters made their appearance on t-shirts after customization was introduced into fashion. The old t-shirt's neck was redesigned and we got deep neck, v-neck, and crew neck t-shirts. The online marketing took over the old school shopping and the demand for t-shirts rose up a steep graph. Now you can find your quirky bissq graphic tees online at your home with absolute ease.

The online marketing expanded in all the countries including India. And at the present day, it is one of the largest markets of many products including men t-shirts. It has become very easy to buy products especially plain and graphic t-shirts online in India. With the demand and supply of t-shirts going parallel to each other and the kind of popularity t-shirts are still gaining after such a long time they were introduced shows that t-shirts are not going out of fashion any time soon in future.


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