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Stop Ejaculating While Sleeping At Night Without Side Effects

The problem of weakness of the penile tissues or injuries to the male reproductive can affect the surrounding sensitive nerves and cause breakage resulting in loss of control while in sleep. The hardening of tissues found on the organ due to diseases e.g. arteriosclerosis, or internal vascular disease, can result in muscle relaxation and neurological conditions which causes high anxiety causing involuntary outflow. These health conditions are linked to poor endocrine flow and to prevent this condition the organ should naturally get a proper flow of the endocrines, androgens, neuro chemicals and oxygen that helps in consistent functioning of the organ and also preventing hardening of tissues to restrict ejaculation during sleep.

Hardening of tissues is a symptom of aging and is linked to the reduced flow of androgens in male body but even younger men suffering from various disabilities of the reproductive organs; undergo the process of hardening due to a range of factors such as exposure to harsh external condition, chemicals, damaging interactions etc.

Since a proper flow of endocrines prevents hardening to stop ejaculating while sleeping at night, safe cure to balance the endocrine flow should be taken. Herbs offer natural ingredients to the human body to ensure proper flow of endocrines and can prevent excess in body in case the body is already having a high flow, alternatively, chemicals taken for increasing T levels can have side effects if the levels are higher than normal. Bio-compounds of herbs restrict the flow to prevent excess and the cure offered by NF Cure and Shilajit capsules works in a body friendly way to stop ejaculating while sleeping at night. These herbal cures contain phyto chemicals collected from Withania Somnifera, Saffron, Myristica Fragrans, Asphaltum Punjabinum, Mucuna Pruriens etc., which can prevent ejaculation during sleep.

Withania somnifera provides protection against aging. It contains certain components which provide treatment against stress induced diseases e.g. premature aging, arteriosclerosis, hypertension, diabetes etc. During laboratory study, physical endurance test was conducted on rats where the intake of herb helped in increasing swimming time and performance rate of rats. The duration of swimming increased and almost doubled as the rats that were given the herb were able to swim for 740 minutes and the other group that was not provided the herb swam for 385 minutes. The study found the herb treatment protected the body and brain against stress, and reduction in the adrenal cortisol levels and ascorbic acids was recorded.

The anti-depressant effects of the herb were equivalent to the medicine imipramine. The investigations on the herb showed it had mood stabilizing properties and was effective in controlling anxiety. Since there are a number of health benefits of taking the herb, it is widely recommended in the Indian system of medicine Ayurveda to people of all age groups. Taking a combination of some of the most superior herbs can provide strong protective effects on brain to improve control over involuntary action of the male reproductive organs to stop ejaculating while sleeping at night and hence plant-based cures are recommended for endocrine related medical conditions.

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