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Stainless steel- The meter of functionality

Stainless steel is unsurpassed as a material for the preparation of a kitchen. Its aesthetic elegance is combined with numerous functional and hygienic advantages. For hygiene reasons, kitchens have always been built with this 304 Stainless Steel Flanges metal in the restaurant sector. And today more and more households are discovering the unsurpassed functional qualities of large stainless steel worktops with built-in cooking and grill areas, with integrated water points and other accessories at the customer's discretion that simplify work in the kitchen with great regard for the 'aesthetics.

ASTM A182 F304 Stainless Steel Flanges Manufacturer In India


Stainless steel is superbly combinable with other materials, such as wood and stone. Furthermore, carbon steel flanges ability to reflect the colors of the surrounding environment makes it possible to harmoniously integrate into any context.


Bacteriological studies have highlighted the exceptional hygienic advantages of stainless steel compared to other types of surface (such as wood, synthetic material, stone etc.). The pore-free surface leaves no chance of survival for bacteria. This also explains why a350 lf2 flanges is used wherever maximum cleaning is required.


Under normal conditions, a694 f60 flanges is extremely resistant to corrosion, relatively elastic (with ductility greater than 50%) and retains its elegant appearance for decades. In addition, this material automatically forms a passive protective layer on the surface that is continuously renewed. Over time, the traces of use give this noble material a beautiful patina that enhances its value.

Care and maintenance

The use of suitable products makes the maintenance and cleaning of stainless steel very simple. In our online shop, on, you can conveniently order everything you need for the care and maintenance of stainless steel products.


Thanks to carbon steel forged fittings good modeling and workability, stainless steel offers great creative possibilities. As a matter of fact, within the special customized solutions of our stainless steel manufacture, no limits are placed on your wishes. In this case, it should be underlined the possibility of obtaining a seamless or U-shaped processing with a heat-sealed sink.

Always up-to-date

Stainless steel is neutral in color and therefore perfectly suitable for coupling with other materials. Furthermore, depending on the surface finish, stainless steel takes on the color of the surrounding environment.

Harmony of materials

Sinks and worktops follow one another without interruptions and cracks where traces of food could remain.


With the same quality, being 100% recyclable, stainless steel is a highly environmentally friendly material.

Chemical properties

Chemical and electrochemical resistance to corrosion is the best in steel, second only to titanium alloy.

Physical properties

Heat resistance, high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance and ultra-low temperature resistance.

Mechanical properties

According to the different types of stainless steel, the mechanical properties of alloy steel pipe fittings are not the same, martensitic stainless steel has a high resistance, hardness, suitable for both corrosion resistance and the need for parts resistant to high strength wear such as turbine shaft, stainless steel tools, stainless steel bearings, very good austenitic stainless steel plastic material, the resistance is not too high but the corrosion resistance is the best in stainless steel, suitable for.

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