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Society Management Application in Mumbai provides Best Apartment Management Software in 2018

It is fact that real estate has been growing extremely in past few years. As per the recent survey, it is expected that everyone will have a house by end of 2026. So, the question is where will these houses originate from?

Real estate developers are at its maximum point where almost every day 1 million houses are sold and bought. These houses can be in the type of apartments, tenements, bungalows, condos, villas etc. It is also estimated that 50% of the country’s population will live in cities by end of 2026. Having said that, controlling apartment’s details is becoming difficult.

Hamari Society is one of the top Society Management Software, Mumbai which enables to track income and expenses, chat updates over mobile, and email for managing the security of a message communication on the internet and are user-friendly and successful with zero risks.

It offers various features and functionalities that help committee members of residents in co-operative housing societies. This app challenges complication by tracking all the mandatory information related to society. With their first-rate features, they certify that everyone gets the value quality which meets everyone’s demands successfully and warrant satisfaction of sophisticated residents.

“This Online Society Management System in Mumbai doesn’t only offer a solution for committee members but extremely helps residents as well,” says Mrunal Shah, Shanti Apartment, Marol.

It is beneficial to annex, track and maintain the details of every resident in the society. This aspect will help during flat transfers, buying and selling of houses. In addition, it will have past details of residents whether it is owners or tenants. This uncomplicated feature will help in capturing multiple information which is most important.

“This Society Management Application in Mumbai provides best apartment management software in 2018 which is very simple and easy to use that captures all the resident information with ease,” says Shefali Rai from Andheri, Tilak Apartment.

Collection and Payments is one of the key areas in society management whether it is a homeowner association or co-operative housing society, or any apartment management community. Collection and Payments have been a pain since day one. Now this problem is easily solved using Hamari Society, a hassle-free apartment management software solution through collection and payments modules. Committee members will be able to engender maintenance bill for residents and send it electronically. Not only that but it will also let society presidents keep a quality track of all the expenses in apartments.

A resident of Shankar Darshan Society, Mahim, Jay Rajput, says, “When it comes to parking management, it’s true that every household possesses more than one vehicle today which ultimately leads to more parking space. But just by having a good parking space in the apartment is just not enough. Managing and maintaining parking space and all the vehicles that are on the move day in day out has to be controlled well. With Hamari Society, you can be more fully comprehended with the parking charges per vehicle for both two and four vehicles. Either members can ingress their respective vehicle details or administrators can ingress details of all vehicles. You can easily categorize flats having more vehicles than the parking lots they own and identify vehicles without any parking lot.”

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