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Seven Rules for a Satisfying Paint Job

Painting can transform a house almost instantly. But it is a big project, which requires your time, attention, and money. How do you choose from among the top interior color trends in India which would fit your budget or from among the best exterior paints in India? Here are some rules that will get you a lasting result so that you don’t have to repaint your house in a year again.


1.     Buy the Right Materials


Make sure that you invest in the top-quality paints, caulking compounds, distempers, and primers. Wherever required, research for the best paints in India. Not only do these materials last longer, but they also hide defects better, flow better, and cover a surface better. In addition, some paints such as those with satin enamels are long lasting and are easy to wash.


      2. Prepare in Advance


For a good paint job, preparation in advance is mandatory. Exterior painting especially requires that the surface is dry, not flaking, and clean. If this is the case, then sanding and scraping will be required before painting the surface. You can use a scrub brush or a pressure washer to do this job. In addition, you can scrap the paint that is flaking. The idea is to remove the paint which has loosened and for smoothening the surface. If you find any cracks or holes, use wood filler to patch them up. It is also a good idea to caulk the joints before applying the primer layer. This advance preparation allows you to have a smooth coating of paint which remains for a longer duration.


     3. Avoid Lead Paints


Lead is highly hazardous and there are various cases of lead poisoning of adults and children. One of the most common ways of lead poisoning was the lead paints, which were inhaled as lead chips or lead dust. Although today, most paint companies in India ensure that their paints do not have lead, it is always a wiser precaution to do your research. Select paints from only the best companies, even if they are a little expensive over the brand-less paints.


     4. Apply at least Two Finishing Coats of Paint


Some painters and contractors save work by skimping on paint coatings. Make sure that you are supervising the painting project. Ask the painters, if you have hired any, to apply a base coat over the bare surface. The base coat can be a very high quality primer such as an oil-alkyd primer, which gives stability for the top layers. In addition to this base layer, apply two finish coats. Some painters use tinted primers which allow one to see the areas where the paint hasn’t settled properly. This will ensure that the final top coat gives a nice finishing look.


     5. Use the Right Tools


The right tools are important for a home improvement project. If you are considering doing the painting job by yourself, you will find the right tools at the home improvement centers. You will need rollers, high-quality brushes, and in some cases, an airless sprayer. In addition, you will need primers and a paint strainer. Textured surfaces can be coated best with paint sprays and then by rolling over paint with the roller. This ensures better adhesion. Although, using an airless sprayer is complicated, you can try them on a safe surface as a trial, before applying.


     6. Right Weather Conditions


This is an essential factor to consider when doing a paint job. Avoid painting your house on hot days, rainy days, or during dusty and windy weather conditions. Hot weather conditions, especially the Indian summers cause paint to dry quickly. Too much humidity and dampness in the weather can prevent adhesion. The ideal temperature conditions for painting are between 10 and 35 degree Celsius. Even when the temperature is right, ensure that you paint following the shade, as direct sun has the same effect as hot weather. It dries the paint rather quickly. In addition, dew can lead to bubble formation on the surfaces.


     7.   Get Quotations from Professionals


Request for quotations or bids from at least three different contractors or painters. If possible, call their customers to get a feedback about the quality of their work. And if you know them personally, it would also be a good idea to visit their homes to assess the workmanship.

Keeping these seven rules in mind will give you a satisfactory experience and a beautiful home to live in. 

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