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Seven Amazing Things Only Travel Can Teach You

A vacation is always amazing, no matter you go for it alone or with someone else. There is always something new to see, experience, and absorb. You just cannot return unchanged when you go out there to any new place around the world. There is something new that you have not seen or experienced. That is why; there are things that only travel can make you learn when you step your feet out on a new land.

You learn to be assertive

Wandering around the world gives you an excellent opportunity to explore the world and make your own unbiased opinions. Someone may tell you that she hates Sushi, but you may love it when you eat in in Osaka, Japan. You might have thought all your life that you will not like Mumbai because the city is too crowded for you, but you end up loving certain aspects of the Maximum City when you get there. And when you return home, you realize that you have made certain opinions that do not need to be changed just because someone tells you so. Everyone has the right to make and break opinions as they experience life.

You learn to survive outside your comfort zone

Before you start traveling, anything outside your comfort zone may make you feel like you are jailed in a foreign prison. However, when you start experiencing new things on a regular basis, you realize that not every unpleasant event gives you cold memories. Whether it is a good one or a bad one, it is still an experience. You learn to maintain your sanity outside your habitual routine, and that too without complaining.

You will want to see it all

Travel is addictive and it is one of the best addictions in the world. Once you set out your feet on a foreign land, even if your pocket didn’t allow it at that time, you will want to see more places around the world. There is no stopping once you get the travel bug bite you.

You learn to gain pleasure from little things

You don’t need the fancy things in life to please yourself anymore. Just witnessing a modest sunset from the edge of a cliff gives you more goosebumps than smoking cocaine. You don’t need money any longer to sensationalize your life. The only money that you need is the amount that can fund your travels; anything more than that is just a luxury.

You learn to be modest

You might have thought too high of yourself before you got out there, but you realize too soon that you are merely a human being occupying a tiny space in this big big world. You appreciate your little contributions to the lives of others and value their contributions as well.

You learn to hold your bladder

Toilet costs a lot in many countries, and you would never want to pay that ridiculous amount just to empty your bladder. You learn immense amount of patience to hold your bladder, along with your anger and many other things as you travel to various nations around the world.

Travel makes you braver, especially solo travel

People’s biased opinions often do not let you do the brave tasks in life. When you are with not-so-courageous people, you will often find yourself walking on their path. They may never want to drive the Car Rental on the curvy roads of mountains, enlist for bungee jumping, or dive off in the ocean. And you will also find yourself trailing on their path. And solo travel doesn’t let you color your opinion with someone else’s biases.



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