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Select an Appropriate Bathtub for Your Bathroom

At present, a bathroom is incomplete without the essential accessories. Such vital bathroom accessories will not only help you to meet your daily needs, but will also assist you to relax, especially after a long tiring day. So, it is of utmost importance that you upgraded your bathroom with all the required fixtures, which will accordingly help you to live a lavish lifestyle. The market is flooded with numerous types of fixtures, but you should select them based on your requirements and at the same time those accessories which will compliment the interior décor. If you are planning to upgrade the space with the modern bathroom fixtures, then we are here to assist.


Out of the available fixtures, bathtub is considered as a necessary bathroom accessory, which helps to unwind the day’s stress. However, it is not an easy task to select the right one from the multiple options. Here, in this article, some of the types of bathtubs are discussed that will help you to select the appropriate one.




If you want to place somewhat different type of tub into the space, then you can install freestanding bath Australia. Freestanding tubs are sculpted bathing bowls that come with a cradle or solid base. They can be placed anywhere into the space and require no support for installation.




Drop-in tubs generally offer versatility in the installation process. For instance: you can either fix them in a free-standing enclosure or you can even add them as a three-wall alcove.




Corner tubs are usually triangular in shape and larger in size. In fact, these types of tubs are considered excellent for dual bathing and so, they require large room in order to place them properly into the space.


Three-Wall Alcove


Three-wall alcove tub is considered as the most common type of tub, and it is preferred because it saves lots of space within the room. It can be installed with shower and should be enclosed by walls on its three sides.




Claw-foot tub is basically recognized because of their distinctive legs. Apart from that, this type of tub is also known for its being deeper than the other tubs. The ‘slipper’ style of the tub offers a perfect support for the back and neck.




Under-mount tub is installed into the floor-level, along with the flooring like, tiles covering the sides of the tub. This type of tub is recommended for low-key installation process.


These are some of the types of tubs that you can select, based on your requirements and décor of the space. Apart from the types of tubs, you should also consider the material, while choosing the fixture. Bathtubs come in several materials, but acrylic bathtubs in Perth are considered the best. It is due to the fact that the sheets of acrylic are strengthen with fiberglass, and so such tubs last for longer period of time.


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