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About is America’s premier online source for "designer" cannabis-hemp seeds. Owing to the recent passage of the U.S. Farm Bill of 2018, cannabis-hemp has officially been removed from Schedule 1 of the Controlled Substances Act.  Accordingly, all federal restrictions on the manufacture, production, marketing and sale of "boutique" cannabis-hemp seeds throughout the U.S. (with certain exceptions) have been removed, thereby paving the way for the creation of an online marketplace for the purchase and sale of the highest quality "designer" cannabis-hemp seeds available on the market.  Unlike our competitors, we specialize in supplying high-quality cannabis-hemp seeds (and related products) to small professional farmers, hobbyists, and private cultivators. Can you grow cannabis with hemp seeds

Start your own home-based business in a high-growth industry.  We will provide you with an online knowledge base (click here) so you can learn to cultivate "designer" cannabis-hemp like the professionals.  Welcome to the age of

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Training Videos

The training videos contained on this page are intended to educate our web visitors and subscribers concerning the proper methods to cultivate boutique cannabis-hemp seeds purchased on this site.  The seeds offered on this site are genetically engineered to be high in CBD content, and low in THC content.  Moreover, how old can cannabis hemp plant grow they may be cultivated in relatively “inhospitable” climates.

Also cannabis-hemp, as a general rule, is one of the easiest crops to grow.  Since cannabis-hemp grows in clusters, it requires less pesticides and fertilizer to flourish.  You can grow cannabis-hemp anywhere in the U.S., except very high mountaintops and dry, arid deserts. 

There is research that suggests that growing cannabis-hemp may re-mediate polluted soil.  There are approximately 25,000 known uses for hemp.  However, the primary uses for cannabis-hemp are:

    As a source of protein and fiber;

    As a source of CBD for promoting health and wellness;

Our seeds are produced to be high in CBD content. One of the complexities experienced in cultivating hemp is the requirement to certify that the crop will have a THC level of .3% or less. 

Promotional Video No 1-

This is the final cut of the inaugural promotional video for, America's online source for boutique cannabis-hemp seeds.

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