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Scripture Power on faith | Bible verse of the day

The bible verses about faith will give you guarantee of receiving whatever you are trusting in God for. You will also see people who trusted in god for solution to various challenges of life and how god helped them out of the situation. God is real faith and love is subjects that cover a million meanings and is individual as well as a common responsibility that involves all the peoples in our world of today. For instance, faith is not certainly connected to religion, and love is a feeling that in my opinion is really connected with faith, in every meaning and levels of faith.

Faith and Religion is essential matter for a great deal of people around the world. The man had always trusted and depended upon himself for all his requirements and sees God as an unnecessary entity much to his detriment. We cannot avoid God and expect to make a success of our lives. Not that he happiness in monitoring or teleguiding us, but God loves us too much to allow us to go on our own, knowing entire well that the devil is out there waiting to make us his victim.

Believing and carrying out every word of the Bible and the Koran will as we can see by history lead to many wars in the name of God and Allah and that has nothing, absolutely nothing to do with belief and love. Faith and love cannot acquire in churches singing psalms, but only by living a life in reality with our fellow people and practice faith and love in the most direct way, human to human.

Faith and Love To me belief is not just faith in God but it is more likely a belief in the living people we all share this world with. Faith in the sense, love and emotions we wish to find everywhere I go. Faith in the knowledge of people to be a model to every fellow human being to live with love in their hearts and have belief in other people to do exactly the same.

This type of faith and love is nothing fancy that is hard to obtain. In fact we are all born with pure love attached deeply in the depths of our hearts and souls. But by indoctrination already in our early years, we are 'forced' to believe that the texts in the Bible and the Koran are the truth and the only real truth. To be loyal to you we are obliged to examine this 'truth' with some sensible critical approach. Every day a single thought of the Bible poetry helps you to visualize the meaning of life. Bible Verse of the Day says you to earn the inner power to forgive the sin of people with the effect of love.


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