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Scams You Must Avoid While Traveling in India

India is not different from the rest of the world; it has it strengths and weaknesses. When you are visiting India for the first time, you must have the best of it while being careful of a few things including scams.

The auto-rickshaw scam

Most auto-rickshaws in India do not run legitimately, even if you are in the national capital Delhi. The driver may ask you to pay a higher amount than the reasonable fare to your destination. He may refuse to turn on the meter or make excuses that the meter is not working. Do not believe such excuses and ask him to take you by the meter. Additionally, turn on Google Map or GPS on your Smartphone so that he does not take you on a longer route. If your Driving License allows you to drive in India, you can take luxury cars on rent in Delhi for Self Drive. In case you cannot drive, cabs are also available in most of the metropolitans in India.

Unauthorized tour guides

You can pay for an official tour guide at the cash counter of the historical destination. If you find someone persisting you to hire him or her as a guide, you may be going to be in a trap soon. These touts take you around a few spots of the historical monuments without showing you the entire complex. They make an excuse that certain points of the place are closed for the tourists or are closed. Additionally, they take you to only those restaurants and shops that pay them commission for bringing tourists. Even if you find that you have hired an unofficial guide, make the payment only when you are satisfied with his services.

Quick admission scams

While visiting famous monuments, you may have to wait in a queue of a few dozen or sometimes hundreds of people. Everyone wants to dodge such queues, but it is not possible in most scenarios. The Taj Mahal, for example, has separate quick admission queues for the foreigners. However, you may encounter touts who assure you quick entry to the monuments for a good amount of money, but it is better to stay away from such people. They will take your money and vanish in thin air.

Temple contribution scam

Religious places are in abundance in India, and so are the scams related to them. When you are in a temple, someone may approach you in the name of an official and ask you to make some donation towards the temple. In reality, the money you pay to such people never goes to the temple because the religious places never make you pay compulsorily for any donation. Refuse to pay any money or warn to call the police to dodge such people.

Fake money scam

Most countries in the world fight with fake currency prevalent in their nation. The easy target to counterfeit currency are the foreigners. However, the currency scammers can easily cheat the locals as well who are well acquainted with their money. This scenario takes place when you handover a big note like 500 or 2000 INR to an auto-rickshaw driver or a shopkeeper. The other person already holds a fake note and gives it to you claiming that you handed over the fake currency to him. You cannot counter such scenarios most of the times. Therefore, it is better to get familiar with the original currency of the country and tender exact change, whenever possible.


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