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Sam Gray of Boulder, CO - Man of Faith

There is no denying the work ethic of Sam Gray of Boulder, CO. He is a dedication and passionate young businessman, volunteer and man of faith. Gray is a perfect example of a man with a heart, education and ready to change the world. Gray spent his higher education years at the University of Colorado at Boulder. There he earned two degrees with the critically acclaims university. Holding degrees in International Affairs and Economics, Gray learned how dedication and a hard work ethic can bring back great rewards.


Sam Gray of Boulder, CO is a man of faith with a heart of gold. As the saying goes, “rain falls on the good and the bad” meaning that everyone goes through life’s struggles. Gray understands this very well and through his faith provides encouragement through heartfelt communication with those who are struggling with their faith or their connection with God, or are overburdened with the struggles of life. Gray has gone on many church missions trips to areas that needed the most help. Chicago was one area that gray went to help the needy and spread his faith. When Katrina hit, Gray knew he had to go out there and help make a difference in people’s lives. And so with his church’s missions team, Gray made the trip to Katrina and started reestablishing peoples’ homes, faith in God, and faith in humanity.


Sam Gray of Boulder, CO has a heart for those in need. He and his church went to where Hurricane Katrina hit and provided all the aid they could. But Gray’s heart of gold wanted to do more. Once hearing there was an organization that cared for people as much as he did, he knew he had to partner with that organization. The Peace Corps is an organization that aims to make the world a happier, healthier and better place for those who live in it. Concerned for those who need help, Gray volunteered his services to the Peace Corps in order to help make a difference. Serving in the Dominican Republic, Sam Gray of Boulder, CO and his work with the Peace Corps can be read online at


The everyday adventure that is the life of Sam Gray of Boulder, CO, is one that is filled with faith and helping others., Gray looks forward to where he will go next to help those who are in need.


Sam Gray Boulder CO

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