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RV Camping Checklist - Woolly Mammoth Woolen Company

Are you planning to step up your camping game this summer by ditching your tent and sleeping bag with a warm wool blankets for the luxurious creature comforts of an RV?  RV camping is a bit more involved than just finding a piece of dirt to pitch your tent.  You’ll have to find a campsite large enough for your RV and then make sure your new camping enclave is level.  RV camping is glorious. . . just remember you’ll have to think about things like having a generator, filling and emptying water tanks, and taking care of that dreaded sewage! Aside from bringing the basics such as food, plates, utensils, pillows, sheets, etc., we recommend taking these items along for the ride. For more information click here. Quality Wool Blankets, plaid wool blanket
red plaid wool blanket
1.      Warm Wool Blankets:  High quality merino wool camp blankets will keep you warm and cozy on those chilly nights.  A thick wool blanket is durable enough for indoor and outdoor use so you’ll be able to snuggle up under the stars or snuggle on the couch for those rainy days when you’re stuck inside.  Get ready to find the best camp blanket out there. Check out our variety of the best wool blankets  for your next RV adventure! For more information click here Heavy Wool BlanketGray wool blankets
1.      Emergency Kit:  An emergency kit with all the essentials such as bandages, gauze, antibiotic ointment, instant cold compress, tweezers, etc.  You never know when you or a stranger will need a helping hand!  For more information click here Black And White Checkered Blanketwool blanket
1.      Food:  RV camping allows you the opportunity and refrigerator space to pack much more than a few hotdogs and buns.  Get creative and enjoy a few big feasts while on the road. Most RVs come equipped with a stove top, oven, and microwave.  Plus you’ll now have the counter space and storage space for whipping up a five-course gourmet meal! For more information click here Wool Blankets For Sale, best wool blankets
Games:  Make sure to pack a few board games, puzzles, and a deck of playing cards for those rainy days.  More lively family games such as Don’t forget to pack the cornhole boards and bags and the bocce ball set as well for some outdoor fun! For more information click here. 100 Percent Wool Blanket, best camping blanket, best corporate gift idea
Flashlights:  Flashlights are a necessity for any camping experience.  Don’t forget to pack extra batteries.   We’ve all stubbed a toe on a rock or a stump.  Prevent that from happening with a bright shining flashlight. For more information click here thick wool blanketwool blanket camping
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We descend from a lineage steeped in the art of textile design. Our family’s expansive industry knowledge of woolen mills, men’s haberdashery, women’s couture, and raw fiber production has been lovingly passed down, inspiring us to create a company that brings warmth and comfort into the lives of our customers. Although times have changed and the golden era of the American textile industry has passed, we remain committed to the quality and dedication that goes into curating a timeless wool blankets.

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