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Car accident lawyers have been given a negative rap with names such as “ambulance chasers” which sounds like they’re only after the money that can be gained after a car accident.  Unfortunately, some legal firms have caused this because there are some firms that are known as settlement mills.  These legal teams are more interested in having a name you know with a large advertising budget and spend almost all of their time working to gain a settlement without attempting to fight for the largest settlement possible.

Avoid the Settlement Mills, Hire the Lawyers that Care

A caring lawyer doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to feel they are soft or passive with regards to your case.  Think about the things you care about; are you passionate about them?  Of course you are, and you’re likely willing to fight and scrap to make sure the things you care about are protected and you gain the advantages you need.  This is why you need to hire Rosenberg & Rodriguez, PLLC when you’re looking for the right car accident lawyer to represent you in the Baldwin area.

Years of Dedicated Experience

When you have this legal team by your side, you’re going to enjoy the fact they have over fifty years of experience and spend their time fighting for you.  Whether that means working toward the settlement hearing with the right ammunition or taking the claim to court when needed, this team will fight tooth and nail to make sure you receive the largest amount possible.  Settlement mills often leave money on the table because they don’t want to incur the added costs of going to court or into hearings, you won’t have that problem with Rosenberg & Rodriguez, PLLC.  They will fight to make sure you receive the largest settlement possible.

Receive the Advice that Makes Sense

If you’ve been in a Nassau County car accident lawyers, and it wasn’t your fault, it’s important that the other party makes things right for you.  This means their insurance company owes you a payment to replace or repair your vehicle and cover your medical expenses at a minimum.  There could be other expenses that are involved in your case that need to be covered as well such as therapy bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering costs.  Make sure you have the advice that makes sense and hire the team that has the experience that you can trust.

Don’t Go it Alone

Even if you feel that your car accident is fairly simple and you won’t need a lawyer in the Baldwin area to help you, it’s a good idea to have a lawyer review any settlement offer you’ve received regarding your claim.  Bring your claim offer to the team of Rosenberg & Rodriguez, PLLC and let them review it with you.  Schedule your initial consultation so that you can have the peace of mind you need before you accept any settlement offer.



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