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Rose Gold Diamond Engagement Ring

Being one of the top style's in the present design, Rose Gold is set to proceed with it's pattern in 2021. Rose gold wedding bands and engagement bands are getting increasingly famous, with it's excellent rose redden tone, it's no big surprise that a Rose Gold Diamond Solitaire is the most mainstream ring on Pinterest.  Rose gold has an ideal application to praise Vintage styles of wedding band consolidating great with antique styling and vintage subtleties. Also, Vintage wedding bands styled in Rose Gold show up all through our assortment.

Look at the following tips before buying your ring:

  1. Know the 4c’s of diamond


The quality of the diamond is determined by 4C’s: Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat. These four quality parameters of a diamond also indicates the value of a diamond. GIA and AGS are outstanding institutions with a sophisticated grading system for diamond quality testing. They are the most stable and are the ones we recommend to get a diamond certificate from. Each of the C's is categorized, and can be tested for quality.


  • Cut- Cut is the most important aspect that affects the clarity and sparkle of a diamond. There are various types of cuts including round, princess, cushion, emerald, asscher, pear, radiant, oval, heart, and marquise.
  • Color- Color refers to the natural color of a diamond. Many diamonds naturally show slight hints of yellow, brown, or grey. This color is due to the natural nitrogen elements that were present when diamonds were formed under the earth's crust. The less the color of the diamond, the higher will be its price.
  • Carat- The biggest obstacle to buying custom engagement rings online is the size of the rings. You may not be able to determine the appropriate size if you cannot see it physically. However, today there are kits offered by online stores to help find the right size of wedding ring. There are size guidance and diamond education available on the website with the contact details so that you can get the best online assistance in buying a perfect ring.
  • Clarity- Clarity determines how clean a diamond is and examine the blemishes that it might have. In the clarity scale FL means the most flawless and hence the most expensive diamond.

Rose Gold is the ideal mix of Yellow Gold and Copper, radiating a warm inconspicuous pink gleam. A commendation to all skin tones, Rose gold is considered the most sentimental metal because of its pinkish-red tone. Current style patterns project Rose Gold metals higher than ever. From assistants to top of the line gems. Accordingly, numerous purchasers pick it for front line contemporary gems plans. . For instance, Rose Gold Signet Rings in more modest women sizes.

It is an inconspicuous, sentimental shade of gold that converts into sentimental, rich fine adornments and wedding bands. We love making plans in rose gold, and anticipate making the ideal rose gold wedding band, or fine gems piece for you!

Here at Ophira Diamonds, we have a broad scope of delightful Rose Gold rings to browse. Underneath you'll discover 5 of our number one Rose Gold rings.

Diamond ring for marriage and proposal needs to be very special. Ophira diamond Customize diamond Jewelery and rings as per the customers wish and also provide the best jewelry repair service in New York city. Our diamonds are a showcase for expert cuts and astonishing beauty. Shop timeless diamond rings nyc, bracelets, necklaces and earrings at Ophira Diamonds.

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