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Rollers: How to Spot the Best

Using rolling papers never gets old because they can make all the difference. But there are tons of smoking accessories out there thus making it difficult to tell which is best for you to smoke with. Also, valid reasons like getting more out of your smoke, size, and thickness, are important.

Rolling your own smoke has a lot of ring to it. It's more enjoyable and you can take pleasure in having done something most would consider easy but that's not often the case. Whether your mind is set on juicy jay or something equally fascinating, consider these ways on how to spot the best papers.


How large do you love your smoke? Cigarettes do have a certain size to them but you might want something different. Also, with a filter to add, you're looking at more width to work with. Many brands offer a range of sizes from 'Single-wide,' 'Double-wide,' and 'King-size.' let your preference dictate the best size for you.


What rolling materials are you keen on? If you've never considered this question, perhaps you're only interested in smoking. That's not bad but you want to be safe. The basic materials include flax, hemp, plant cellulose, wood, and flavored papers. Also, they carry features such as thickness, processing type, and ingredients. Whatever your choice, knowledge of what you're smoking helps. With many brands around including 4 aces, you're spoilt for choices.

Rolling Paper Weight

Weight is the thickness of the paper itself and measurements depend on individual companies. However, they have classes ranging from Thin, Medium and Standard weights. Each has its unique advantages and disadvantages. For example, thin papers are easy to roll and don't go out quickly. But they can burn unevenly.

There are alternatives to papers when you run out but it's best to have a good stock of your favorite brand.

Importance of knowing which paper is best got you:

· To have a nice smoke or better experience. The right paper weight, size, and flavor to the taste.

· Safety first. Some materials aren't good for you. With may out there, there's bound to be something fake or harmful.

If you're thinking of what paper to get, a cigarette roller machine is your best bet. Punch in the figures you want and quantity for a nice blend.

Final thoughts

Now you know how to spot the best cigarette rollers. Go one better and buy some papers for a great smoking experience.

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