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Remove grease stains from clothing:

Anyone who falls for fat splashes on clothing and leave everything behind, and immediately takes care of the stain removal, does not need home remedies.

As hot as possible water is perfectly sufficient to successfully attack the freshly applied grease stains because in this case, the fat is only solved by the heat, but you have to act very quickly.

As a rule, there are a few minutes between the splashing and the cleaning of the garment and then you should proceed as follows suggested by laundry near me:

- Pull off the affected garment and try to remove as much grease as possible by dabbing with a kitchen paper towel.

- Then let the hottest possible water in the hand basin and dissolve in it some detergent on.

- Put your soiled fabric in the detergent solution and wash out the stains by gently rubbing and kneading.

- To finally clean the fabric, it is washed in the washing machine at the highest possible temperature.

Remove grease stains without washing:

Unfortunately, it does not always happen that fat splashes land on a washable textile. It may also happen that you spill a fine silk blouse or get the expensive leather sofa splashes. Even then you do not have to despair, because some home remedies will serve you well in these cases.

If you have splattered a delicate garment made of wool or silk with grease, you can correct the problem as follows:

- Sprinkle the spots on the silk blouse with baby powder, on the wool sweater use dry shampoo so that the greasy areas are completely covered with it.

- Wait until powder or shampoo absorbs the fat and then brush your home remedy with the fat dissolved in it.

Did the leather sofa or the fabric sofa get the greasy splashes, chalk helps you:

- First, use a clean paper towel or paper towel to remove as much grease from the surface as possible.

- Then you paint the stains on the leather sofa thick with normal school chalk.

- Wait until your home remedy absorbs the fat.

- Then carefully brush off the chalk or cornstarch together with the fat dissolved in it.

- More ideas on how to remove grease stains from home remedies can be found in the following section.

Remove home remedies for grease stains:

As suggested by laundry near me, cornstarch (potato flour) is particularly suitable for removing grease stains that are on non-washable fabrics. Simply sprinkle the flour on the greasy spot on the carpet or


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