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Reiki, All You Need To Know

The world today is filled with a lot of stress provoking situations; people are either using to work early in the morning or rushing home late at night after a hard day at work. There are those who are going through financial crisis, those that are going through health crisis and those that are just plain tired of everything happening to them. All of these leaves people very stressed and most often disease sets in. while the tendency would have been to look for a drug to help with stress, many people are turning to practices like reiki self healing.

What is reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese treatment that is said to make use of God’s energy to relieve people of stress and hence disease. This word is made up of two Japanese words which are rei and ki. Rei is said to mean higher wisdom while ki means God’s energy.  It is a very effective and safe treatment that has been known to help in many different illnesses. This is probably why there are many people looking to study distance reiki course.

How does it work?

The basis is the belief that illness is caused by an imbalance in energy. This is not new information as this has been well known in both eastern and western medicines.  It works by the flow of energy from the therapist to their client.

 On a normal session, the client will lie on a table while the practitioner will stand beside them. The practitioner will place their hand slightly above the patient at different position. When they do this, what actually happens is that the practitioner transfers energy from themselves to their client. The placing of the hand will be done at different locations on the body. While most sessions will be done with the practitioner close to the person being treated, there are those who claim that they don’t need to be anywhere nears the person to impart energy successfully.

Fortunately, the use of long distance reiki is not something that is reserved for those who are highly educated or those who are religious or spiritual. It is for everyone and everyone that makes use of it can benefit from it. That is how many people have gone on to study the course and use them successfully for healing or relieving stress.

It is important to note here that this therapy is neither a spiritual nor a religious practice. It is something that can be done by anyone without the need for initiation. Meanwhile, although it is not a religion, it is still necessary to be able to live a life that encourages the body to be in harmony. On the other hand, if you want to know more about reiki distance healing then you should understand that it is a form of Reiki treatment that can be executed through crystal unicorn and related things. In some cases, Reiki is observed by frivolously touching a patient, but healing through distant Reiki can be executed whether the patient available physically or not available.


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